A Beautiful Mind.




First of all, Let me formally introduce myself.  My name is BearKing.  That's me in the middle with the goofy sminle on my face. Long time troller, first time poster. So, be gentle with my Post virginity... Because you never forget your first.  This post is about the newest king Mr. DeMarcus Cousins.  Now, i know what your thinking.  Ah crap, not another one.  But I assure you ladies and gents, i offer a different perspective on what I believe is a rather over exaggerated and misunderstood part of what makes DeMarcus Cousins feared by the teams who passed over him and even more so with the team and its fans that he is now a part of.  His Mental state of mind. So if your interested in following me down the rabbit hole, hold on to your knickers and join me as we venture deeper into the abyss after the jump.

If you look back on the greatest players the NBA has ever had, you will find one thing that every single one of them possessed in one way or another.  Some call it a killer instinct or the "IT" factor. It is thesupreme and utter confidence in oneself to over come all odds, even when everything seems to be going against you.  Michael Jordan had it.  So did Bird, Isiah, Magic and the Devil himself; Mr Kobe Bryant.  These players excelled not only because they were Gifted, but because they had that certain something that made their motor run a little differently than everyone else.


You can call it what you want.  Grit, Determination, Guts, Swagger, Arrogance, Chip on his shoulder, AssHoliness or born without a conscience.  But it takes a certain type of person to look at everyone else around him and say "I am better than everyone else here i will put my team on my back to win and there's nothing you can do about it." And have him believe right down to his core and deliver.

Tyreke, man you know that kid's got it.  



Am i saying that I believe DeMarcus to be one of these elite players?

Hell no.  Are you high?  The kid hasn't even play a minute of pro ball yet.

What i am saying however, is that not all the great players were easy to get along with.  Why don't you ask Pau Gasol how he feels about Kobe yelling at him for not catching of his his errand passes, when clearly it was his fault and not Pau's.  (Stupid Jerk.  Come back to Sacramento and let me treat you to another EColi ridden hamburger, Douchebag.)  See, what makes these players great, also make them a pain in the arse to play with.



One case study i can offer is one using Shaquille O'Neil vs Dwight Howard.  You can argue that they both have similar type of game, body type, athleticism and weaknesses.  The only thing that separates them is the stark contrast in their EGOS.  Their mind set.  As Howard is a sweet fun loving guy and will try to dunk on you. Shaq is more of arrogance, personified and he will try to destroy you and tear down the basket in the process.  It is my firm belief that even if they are a close as they come physically, Howard will never reach the heights of domination that Shaq had.  Shaq had that killer instinct.  Do you remember when he called every NBA center "Bums." when compared to him?  That's the bravado i speak of and love with Cousins. Howard would never do such a thing, he far too well mannered. We as Kings fans know how much of a force he was in his prime than Howard is at the very moment.  Granted, Howard has not quite peaked yet and he has shone more of his nasty side this year, thus making him a better player, in my opinion.

But a zebra can't change it's stripes, no matter how much he tries. He could blackmail the most popular girl at school, to have her pretend to be his girlfriend to make it seem that he too, in association with her is now popular.. but in the end, your still that guy you were before everything else.  I love that movie.




Tyreke is one piece of that puzzle and you know that kid's got it.  We need more players like him.  Hard nosed players who don't want to make friends on the court and hate losing as much as they need air to breathe.

The point is,  DeMarcus has "it".  He has the confidence, the FIRE in his belly that burns bright.  Sure he's emotional.  But that's what i LOVE about him.  When i see Kevin Garnett in all his glory, full blown, with the chest pounding, ear splitting screams that makes you wanna curl up and a little ball and cry for mommy.  It makes me long for someone on our team to bring that sort of nastiness and pent up athletic anger that would make kobe shit his yellow shorts. 


Don't ya'll miss that angry face C-Webb would bust out on a nasty dunk?  Yeah, me too.




He claims that he's the best prospect in the draft.  And if it wasn't for John Wall, I'd agree with him.  A tie I say.  Which brings us to why teams passed on him and some of our members showed little enthusiasm for drafting the Big man. (Yeah, I'm taking to you Pookey. Just kidding man.)

So he hit a guy while they were scrambling on the ground for a lose ball, so what?  The other guy hit him first.  The man has a right to defend himself, doesn't he?  One of my fondest moments as a kings fan was when Doug Christie decked Rick Fox.  I will remember that to cheer me up during my dark days.  And Mr. Jackie Christie or (Doug as we know him) was the most even tempered guys out there.  So what makes this any different?  If you just imagine DeMarcus laying out Shaq with a little forearm action during that series and i believe that would have been one memory everyone here would have cherished just as much as the Christie beatdown. 



So he yelled back at his coach and now he's a head case?  Listen, we have all heard Coach Cal say that he and his wife both consider DeMarcus as one of their sons.  He doesn't say that about all his players, at least from what I have heard, so i'm inclined to believe him. (Let me know if I'm wrong.)  And that the arguments they had were like a father getting into it with his son in public.  Now, your telling me that every person that has talked back to their parent or even got into a screaming match with them in public, is a bad person?  Then I must be Bi-polar myself, because I myself am guilty for doing this.  (Sorry, Mom. But your just too over bearing sometimes)

You guys see Lebron yell at his own mother to sit down?  Yeah, me too.  This doesn't make him a bad person. Doesn't make him want him with the kings less. And of course, he loves his momma... and apparently so does Delonte from what i hear.



Give Delonte some sugar baby.


I see the Derrick Coleman comparison and for the most part, i think they're valid.  But I'd like to offer another NBA great that i think fit him a little more than Coleman as far as attitude, demeanor and swagger.  I'm taking about Sir Charles Barley of course.   If you like Chuck as much as I do and see what I see, then you sir are as smart and good looking as I am.

What, you don't see it? Maybe a Coleman/Barkley hybrid then.

My point is... instead of looking at DeMarcus' qualities as a crutch that will be his end, why not see it as the FIRE that keeps his motor running and motivates him to become one of the elites?  Because, in the end.. This is what separates him from from the Darko Milicic's of the NBA.  His borderline delusions of grandeur and the total belief in himself will allow him to succeed, because lets face it... Sometimes all you need to succeed in this league is a little bit of Confidence.. and pinch of crazy on top.

He's not out there to make friends and make nice with everyone.  Call me crazy, but i like that.  If you watched his intro video with Hassan, then you can see that he's just a fun loving kid and not the monster that other have made him out to be.  Lets embrace Big Cuz and all his nastiness and swagger.  Who knows, you might even enjoy him as much as I am. And when in doubt, just remember.."In Petrie we trust."


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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