RUSHing for a SG

First time SacTown Royalty blogger feel free to send some constructive critisim on the post as you see fit. 


With the growing speculation that the Kings will pick up SOMEBODY to add some shooting to the back-court I wanted to kick around an option that would really excite me as a fan while continuing the youth movement for our Sacramento Kings.

After the jump I will breakdown my thoughts on adding the shooting touch of one Brandon Rush...


Brandon Rush!!!! NO WAY...that aging journeyman guy who seems to play for a different team every year...appropriately called "Pulling a Gooden".  No my friends, I am talking about Brandon, not Kareem.  Brandon will be going into his third season for the Indiana Pacers after being drafted by the Blazers but then quickly traded.  He just turned 25yrs old so while he is only in his third year he is still on the older side of a 21st century 3rd year Guard/Forward.  Here are some of the things I like about him:

#1 - So far he is a career 39.5% 3pt shooter with about 40% of his total shots per game coming from 3pt range.

#2 - He is athletic in that he has not only been able to spot up from three but has has also been able to create his own shots by moving off of pick & rolls or moving within the offense. 

#3 - His salary.  He would be a low risk option for the Kings since he is set to earn slightly over $2M in 2010/11.  He then has a $3M team option in 2011/12 that the Kings wouldn't be obligated to pick up if they deemed it necessary to gain the extra cap space for the 2011 free agent class.

#4 - Indiana's needs.  I have read various blogs that suggest the Pacers would like to move beneath the salary cap for next season.  Currently if my math is correct they are about $10M over the cap.  While trading away Rush would not solve that cap issue on its own, it would help reduce the cap and could bring in the possibility of not losing much on our end for the trade.


My thoughts on options to acquire Brandon Rush would be by either trading away $960k 2010/11 salary to acquire Rush.  This would still help Indiana from a cap perspective and since they drafted the increasingly popular Paul George they could be willing to part with Rush. 


Yes I know Team Donte fans will burn me at the cross for that idea...I am personally a big fan of Donte Greene however I am just looking at all options for improving our outside shooting without weakening another position too badly.  This would obviously open up the starting SF spot to Omri which I am more than "ok" with.  In addition, Rush is capable of playing at SF as he displayed in Indiana last year while filling while Danny Granger was injured.  If we could acquire him for nothing more than a future draft pick I would be very down with that, but I just dont think that would be enough to bring him over.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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