The case for Mikael Pietrus

Looking up and down the Kings roster, it's apparent that a swingman type is necessary to fill out the depth chart. With Garcia, Evans and Udrih as the only guards on the roster with NBA experience and Casspi and Greene the current SF crop we have with a combined 3 years experience, I think a veteran swingman type player is necessary.


We can sign SL guys until the cows come home, but we shouldn't have more than 2 on the roster when opening day arrives. I'm all for inviting Sloan, Landesberg, Rice, Thompson etc into Training camp and allowing them to 'battle it out' to make the roster. But I'm a bit leery if injuries were to strike(and they also do) and any of those guys got significant minutes would be a big set back for the LEAP FORWARD we plan to take. 


Enter Mikael Pietrus


The Orlando Magic are HEAVILY over the Salary cap. I mean, RIDICULOUSLY over the salary cap. Why not allow them to ease their burdens and take on Mikael Pietrus contract in exchange for a TPE and 2nd round pick.


This frees up some money, cuts their tax bill, and justifies their Reddick matching. It opens up a roster spot for a vet. min guy to help save them nearly 10 million dollars. I would assume that the Magic would look into doing something similar with Brandon Bass and/or Marcin Gortat. I know Orlando is in win-now mode, but I would have to think that push comes to shove in terms of finances for them here.

As for Mikael Pietrus on the Kings...why not? He's a very good three point shooter, an excellent defender and is great in transition because he's as athletic as they come. He can play the 2 guard or the 3 spot to give us some veteran depth at both positions. 

With the addition of Mikael Pietrus to our roster our team looks like:

C: Dalembert, Cousins, Whiteside

PF: Landry, Thompson, Brockman

SF: Greene, Casspi

SG: Garcia, Pietrus, (SL guy)

PG: Evans, Udrih, Sloan

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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