Confessions of a Hater...

See, I know what I was … 

Every time HE stepped on the floor I felt the bitter angst of losing past games and turmoil of watching for the potential of it happening it again.  The dribbling, shooting, and passing all reminded me of days past and the losses upon losses I felt.  The pain of only 17 wins… so many losses…

I just wanted my team to win so badly.  I was mad at all the losses.  And I knew all of it was HIS fault.  He was the one who looked so bad, out of shape and weak, and he just could not seem to fill the bill he supposedly was worth.  MLE is such a bitch when you have a player making major bucks that stinks it up and causes the team to lose so many games.  

Blinded by fandom, by the pain of losing game after game, and yet not being able to turn away or turn off the game no matter how bad they played…  Looking for any hope of the past glory that we once were and I hoped could be again…  Each time walking away even more discouraged.  

Yes, it was all HIS fault.  Every loss confirmed it.  Every turnover.  Every badly executed play…  Except that it really didn’t…

It was just so hurtful to see the Kings be a shadow of their former glorious self.  I blindly assigned the blame to one Beno Udrich. The PG running the team and the one with the ball most of the time… I just knew it had to be his fault at an irrational and emotional level that was devoid of facts and more about my hurt than anything else.

Then last season happened and Mr. Beno Udrich came into the season in shape and tearing it up.  I just couldn't reconcile it.  He ran plays that worked for the team, but did not work to support my ill-formed hate.  As I found StR and started really developing my knowledge of the game I realized that I had not really given much thought or reflection to what caused all the losing.  The coaching carousel and all that happened…  I was wrong about Beno.

All of this really focused me on learning more and emphasized my need to get some objectivity on players and the team.  Then, I started noticing that others blamed some players for all the losses as well and realized that it wasn’t just me.  One dude with a handle of Coolcat really had a major hate for Kevin Martin and others developed some of the same.  It even led to the eventual demise of Chapuforyou as his Noc fandom seemed to require blaming and hating another player for Noc’s lack of success.   

So, I am now a lot more sensitive to how easy it is to hate on a player and just how poisonous it is to StR.  It isn’t like this is something new.  HighTops - as a fan of Hawes really felt like he had to defend a player who was being vilified when it wasn’t his fault.  He just wasn’t what the new direction of the team called for and didn’t meet what the new coach wanted in a Center and yet people hated on him.  

More recently somebody posted something defending Nocioni and made some uncomplimentary references about Tyreke Evans in defending him.  We went round and round ad nauseum about how wrong it was or wasn’t and it was then that I fully realized just how much all the hating bothers me.  Being a fan is emotional.  We get invested in our team and sometimes it doesn’t work out.  And it is just so easy to look for a target to focus your angst on and blame.  A player, coach, GM, or owners.  

The thing is that nobody is in this game to be loser.  Sometimes it is just the situation.  A blown out knee of a guy that took up way too much salary or too many fouls called…  It isn’t easy to feel the pain of losing if you are competitive.  It isn’t easy to stay objective and fair.  To be evenhanded, but doing so is the best way we can keep our perspective and not turn into a hater.  I know that many say ‘Haters are just gonna hate”, but think of the how much you like StR and the ability to read posts.  Negativity turns this place into something it should not be and should not be tolerated.

For the most part it isn't, but that can be tough because there is a fine line between calling out a weakness of a player and it developing into real animosity, and then even into hate as you continue to post about it.  It really doesn't add anything positive. 

Just realize there is much more going on in the game than what we can see.  This is a team, there is a coach calling plays, a GM who hired players, and owners who can demand that a team change course.  If you read StR and are open-minded you will soon realize, as I have done, that there is just too many factors to blame or hate on one person.  It is more complex than that and if that is your take you are missing out on learning as much as you can about the game.  

Hating just closes you off and turns everything you write toxic.  You won't be able to see past your own blindness.  I know all about that.  From my own personal experience, I recommend letting it go and opening your mind to more possibilities.

There is redemption that can be found for former Haters such as myself.  Finding it here is a start.  That is the beauty of StR.  It is rich with many who have tons of perspective and insight into the game.  I have learned to take advantage of that, am a better fan today than when I joined, and the same can be true for any that read what is written here. 


Best regards,


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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