I have an idea....

While reading the brilliant work of rbiegler, How to Make It in America, one of StRs faithful, AnotherStupidSN revealed a new avatar that caught the eye of many, including myself. For those of you who missed it, here it is:



Subtle, brilliant, funny and most of all, spot on. DeMarcus Cousins is, "The Big Red Flag" but let's be honest, no one likes to have a moniker such as this. With the invention of the Brockness Monster (thank you Aykis) and other quality nicknames and one liners used here and by Jerry Reynolds, is it time to take this new avatar and make something special out of it?

Here is my proposal:

We here at StR begin a grass roots effort to make the DeMarcus Cousins red flag a part of every Kings home game. If DeMarcus is going to have to wear the "Red Flag of Courge" then so will we. When Boogie comes in the game, we release a flurry of red flags waiving all over Arco Arena. We waive them every time he scores, and every time he grabs a board and every looks like our young big fella might be in trouble. The eventual goal, of course would be for the Kings and DMC to embrace this idea and for it to become part of the stadium experience, first as a fan addition and eventually as a team give away.

This might seem hokey or lame but stick with me for a second here. The goal of this exercise would be for us as fans to deflect the pressure off of DMC and onto us. I want to see DeMarcus show us that big ol' smile and when he get's hot (good or bad), I want to see him encourage the fans to get off their feet and waive these crazy flags with all their might. I also want DeMarcus to look out and know that we as fans are behind him.

This will catch on instantly. It will be on Sports Center and local TV (does that still exist). People will ask where to get one of these crazy flags and others will make their own versions. Ailene Voisin will tout the movement as "infectiously sexy". People will tweet about it.

Sometimes embracing the elephant in the room is the only way to move forward. I am proposing that we embrace the fact that DeMarcus is no different than anyone one of us. We all have red flags and by God we will waive them proudly.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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