Comparing Petrie's Rebuild Efforts

Warning: First fanpost from a long time viewer, recent poster.

I thought it would be interesting to compare the current rebuild of the Kings to Geoff Petrie's last rebuild of the Kings. For simplicity's sake let's just say that it started in 1998 with the Chris Webber/Mitch Richmond trade. First off, I think it is important to compare the 2002 roster and how we acquired each player to the current roster of the Kings. A lot has been made about this year's free agent class and how Sacramento is not an attractive destination for big name free agents seeking bit time paychecks.

2002 Sacramento Kings roster:

Mike Bibby: Trade (Jason Williams deal)
Doug Christie: Trade (Corliss Williamson deal)
Peja: Draft (14th overall)
Chris Webber: Trade (Mitch Richmond deal)
Vlade Divac: Free Agent, salary started at 8.3 mil and increased every year
Hedo: Draft (16th overall)
Bobby Jackson: Free Agent, got him for about 2.5 mil a year
Scot Pollard: Free Agent, signed him to a 1 year minimum deal, then we re-signed him for about 4 mil a year.
Lawrence Funderburke: Draft (51st overall)
Gerald Wallace: Draft (25th overall)
Jabari Smith: Draft (45th overall)
Brent Price: Trade (part of Mike Bibby deal)
Mateen Cleaves: Trade (Jon Barry deal)
Chucky Brown: Free agent, minimum salary

5 players acquired via trade
5 players acquired via draft
4 players acquired via free agency

I use the 2002 roster because I feel that this was the peak of Petrie's rebuild of the Kings. Only 4 of the 14 players on that roster were acquired through free agency, and only one of them was a starter. Vlade Divac was our "big name" free agent at that time. We also signed Bobby Jackson as a free agent, but before coming to the Kings he was not nearly as good as the Bobby Jackson who won the 6th man of the year award. We also signed Scot Pollard during the beginning of the rebuild process, but he came in making the minimum before the Kings signed him to a more lucrative long term deal. Oh and uh...there was Chucky Brown (who I could not find any highlights on).

2010 Sacramento Kings roster:

Beno Udrih: Free Agent, signed to the minimum in 2007, re-signed for 5 years/$32 mil
Tyreke Evans: Draft (#4 overall)
Omri Casspi: Draft/Trade (#23 overall, the #23 pick was part of the Ron Artest Trade)
Carl Landry: Trade (Kevin Martin deal)
Samuel Dalembert: Trade (Hawes/Nocioni deal)
Jason Thompson: Draft (#12 overall)
DeMarcus Cousins: Draft (#5 overall)
Donte Greene: Trade (Ron Artest deal)
Francisco Garcia: Draft (#23)
Jon Brockman: Draft (#38, assuming he stays with the Kings)
Hassan Whiteside: Draft (#33)

7 players acquired via draft
3 players acquired via trade
1 player acquired via free agency

As you can see, most of the current Kings players have been acquired through the draft, with Beno Udrih being the sole player acquired through free agency. Over the next couple of offseasons, expect Geoff Petrie to try to find those diamond in the rough free agents like he did with Bobby Jackson and Scot Pollard. Besides that, I see Petrie continuing to build through the draft and shrewd trades now that we finally have some assets and young talent on this team (not to mention salary cap flexibility). I don't know about you, but I'm glad that the Kings are standing pat so far in free agency while Joe Johnson gets a $120 million deal and the Timberwolves give $20 million to Darko Milicic. The last thing I would have wanted to see was the Kings giving Channing Frye a $30 million deal (thanks for beating us to it Suns!).

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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