OT: Pickup Basketball Guy

With Summer League ending and free agency winding down, I was wondering how many readers of StR play pickup basketball? I ask this question because one of my favorite basketball blogs "Basketbawful" is doing a series of posts about his experience in pickup basketball.In one of the posts, Matt McHale describes the different type of guys who play pickup basketball.

Anybody who has played pickup basketball knows what we're talking about. Here's a list of the type of pickup basketball players I've ran into on the court.

The Scorer- The guy who thinks he's Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. His sole purpose on the court is to score as much as possible and never look for the open man. He might also be referred to as a "Black Hole" because once the ball lands in his hands he's shooting. This type of player may be the most annoying player on the court.

The Little Big Man- This is the guy who should plant his rear end in the post and catch lob passes for easy layups. Instead he's the guy who thinks he's the point guard and that he should be the one throwing up the lob passes. He's also the guy who stands around the perimeter(think Rasheed Wallace with the Boston Celtics) ready to shoot a 3-pointer. He'll also ignore rebounding despite being the biggest guy on the court.

The Tough Guy- The guy on the court who you try to avoid at all costs. He's the Charles Oakley of the court. He might not be the most talented guy the court, but you avoid fouling him at all costs because you're afraid he'll start a brawl. Also you're pretty sure he did a stint in prison.

The Highlight Reel- This is the jerk that try's every type of move in the book because he believes ESPN is filming the game and he'll be in the top plays section. There isn't a pass to tough or shot that is difficult this guy doesn't try and 99% of the time it usually ends up being a turnover. Slow down Pete Maravich, you don't have to try a no-look pass on ever possession.

The Cherry-picker- You know this guy. This is the guy who stands around the perimeter on defense and as soon as someone else grabs the rebound he's looking for a pass. And when he doesn't receive a fastbreak pass he complains about being wide open. I purposely don't pass to this guy because he didn't help out on defense.

The Terrell Owens- This is the guy who celebrates after every point scored and every assist he threw. And lord knows how much he celebrates after being fouled. He acts like he just scored the game-winning basket during game 7 of the NBA Finals. Calm down tool, it's just a pickup game.

I'm sure I missed a few jerks who take a simple pickup game a little too serious. Who are some of the pickup basketball guy's you've ran into on the court?

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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