The next Sacramento King All-Star is ???

 My buddy got me thinking about this when he asked me who was the last Kings player to make the All-Star team (Peja in 03). 

Most Kings fans will say TYREKE EVANS will be the next Kings All-Star without taking a moment to think about it.  Well, lets take that moment to consider Tyreke's chances.

West All-Star team is on averages fields 6-7 guards on their roster.  So Tyreke's competition for a spot (barring injury) will be:

1.  Kobe Bryant:  Hell, he could retire and still lead the West in votes

2.  Steve Nash:  Numbers might be down with the loss of A. Stoudamire but no doubt one of the best PGs (if not the best) in the West

3.  Chris Paul:  He would be the one giving Steve Nash a run for this Best PG title

4.  D. Williams:  Every night you get 20 points and 10 assists.  Not many players can match that mark

5.  Brandon Roy:  Been in the All-Star team over the last three years and don't see him missing a beat next year.

These five are guarented invitees to The Game.  So basically Tyreke has to beat out ALL of the following guards to make it to the team

1.  Jason Kidd:  Age starting to show, but his passing skills help make the All-Star game that more exciting to watch

2.  Chauncey Billups:  Another veteran player who can get it done every night

3.  Parker/Ginobili:  I paired these guys together because usually one of them is having a stellar year for the San Antonio Spurs.

4.  Russell Westbrook??  Baron Davis????  Stephen Curry??? 

So you can see that there is some pretty steep competition.  So if not Evans, then who will it be for Sacramento???

Well, my mind started considering DMC.  If (and I know I am saying IF) DMC matures and lives up to his skills as a 20/10 PF/C what would his chances be of making an All-Star team???

West All-Star team on average has 6-7 C/PF type players that make the roster.  With the departure of A. Stoudamire to NY and C. Boozer to Chicago, there is less competition for DMC to compete against for a roster spot.

1.  Yao Ming:  Assuming that his foot injury is healed as all reports indicate.

2.  Dirk Nowtizki

3.  Tim Duncan:  Age definately starting to show on Timmy, but should still get his 20/10 a night.

4.  Pao Gasol: 

These would be my guarenteed locks.  So who is left for the remaining two spots

1.  Zach Randolph:  Had a nice career recovery in Memphis this last year.  See no reason that it doesn't continue.

2.  Al Jefferson.  If he isnt traded to the East like Mr. Kahn has been trying to do

3.  M. Okur:  Does his numbers increase with the departure of Boozer???  Does he recover from the injury that ended his season last year???

4.  A. Bynum:  Also, how does he return from his knee surgery?

5.  LaMarcus Aldridge:  Does his numbers drop next year when all the injuried centers on Portland's team start playing again?

6.  Chris Kaman/Blake Griffin:  Does Kaman's numbers suffer having to give up touches/rebounds to the early front runner for ROY?

I sure like DMC's chances against this group for the reamining two spots then Tyreke's chances for the remaining one guard spot.  Now, I am not trying to say that DMC has a chance to make the All-Star team this upcoming season.  Can't remember the last player who made the team in his rookie season.  Again, if DMC lives up to the expectations, I think he has a really solid shot of making it in his second or third season in the league while Tyreke is fighting against the other superstar guards that play in the West.

Side note:  Kind of curious to watch DMC and Tyreke playing against each other in the Rookie-Sophmore Challenge also.  Does Cuz let Tyreke just get to the rim or does he make him pay the price for entering his house?  Or should they rename the challenge to the NBA vs. UofK alumnis?

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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