If you aren't a member of the Heat organization or a fan of the Heat, this could get ugly.

Wade is staying and some say they knew that it would be this way all along. Bosh is primed up to join him there. Today is "The Decision" and the media is reporting that LeBron will be joining Wade and Bosh in Miami.

The decision hasn't yet been made officially and whether it is true or not, I really do not like the POTENTIAL ramifications that a Miami roster featuring these three players could have for the league.

Read on if you care to know why...

Because the Kings aren't major players in this proclaimed "Summer of LeBron", I hadn't given too much thought to where players would end up. I was wrapped up in the Kings draft excitement and knew we weren't going to land any of the star-caliber talents that were seemingly available. After hearing that Lebron would probably go to Miami with Wade and Bosh, it just rubbed me the wrong way in a few different ways. These concerns don't have alot to do with the Kings, moreso the league in general and being a fan of basketball.

Thus far, my biggest gripes about this trio are concerning the All-Star Game (with a dash of Team USA), the league MVP award, and overall parity of the league.



How lame is it going to be if three of the five all star starters are from one team? Even further, how lame is it going to be if some of these top talents don't make it because their contributions are lessened by playing next to such great talent?

Is Miami going to try and withold their HUGE investment from participating in Team USA competitions?

Basically what I am saying is that although Miami will have a very good team for the NBA league, I feel that potentially the All-Star event might suffer and even futher the Team USA competitions could suffer too if either of these gripes of mine ends up being true.


Did all three of these guys just shoot themselves in the foot? I cannot forsee a justified argument for either of them to ever win an MVP award while playing together. Could it happen? Yes. Should it? Probably not. For what its worth I'm going to go ahead and call D-Wade the best player on that team. I couldn't believe my eyes when LeBron deferred to his teammates so much against the Celtics in the playoffs last year. D-Wade takes games over when they count. So yes, these guys MIGHT win championships. But their individual legacies won't have that "umpf" factor padded up with individual MVP's like Jordan's does or Kobe's will.


This is just a personal opinion. Certainly every fan likes a sport for different reasons. For me, one of the reasons that I love the NFL is that the parity between teams is unmatched by most other popular American sports leagues. This free agency, if the cards fall with the trio going with Miami,  just killed Cleveland and Toronto as NBA franchises. Have you ever watched a game that was hosted by the Heat in Miami? Their arena is so sparse! Is this roster going to be enough to fill their seats for 82 regular season games? I think that having more parity is better for league revenue and long term survival of franchises for a couple of reasons. One, how enticed are you to go watch the visiting Cavaliers or Raptors when they come to Sacramento this upcoming season. I sure as hell am not excited one bit (outside of the Kings now winning these matchups). How about the other 28 franchises fans? The road draw for the Heat just went way way up and the road draw for TOR and CLE will plummet. As more and more franchises realize that they must stack cards this way to survive, going down this slippery slope, could it lead to league contraction?


Just to wrap it up with a personal thought. I don't like what these three guys are doing. I am going to root against the Heat in nearly the same way that I root against the Lakers. I hope that this plan backfires and that Boston or perhaps Orlando can keep them out of the NBA finals and they get zero rings from this effort.

Best case scenario for me, as a fan today, would be for the LeBron to Heat leak to be a smokescreen and for him to go anywhere other than Miami.


Your thoughts?

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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