Do the Kings follow the trend with a big 3?

So, Lebron has jumped ship to Miami (which we all have heard unless we were buried alive). He follows two Hall of Fame type players who are the franchise name on any other franchise in this league almost. What does this tell us? The new trend in the NBA is having 3 big time players? I think it's not a trend, but a more discovered act of players debriefing with themselves. Do the Kings have their own big 3 in the making? Who could it be?

First team that came to mind was Chicago with Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman. I argue that Rodman was not a star player, but unique enough in his own way that it made him overly effective. That team won lots of championships that teams like the Jazz who had only two top players could not do.


The Celtics follow afterwards by bringing in KG and Ray to pair with Pierce. The result? A championship in year one. Coincidence? I think not. That team had too many players at positions that other teams could simply not match up to their athleticism and overall game. They were put together for one reason, and that reason was too win.

The Lakers the year after had to go out and get Gasol to pair with Bynum. Bynum I would not consider that factor of a big 3, however, the big 3 for the C's was injured all year and therefore no teams had a big 3 that was truly great. The Lakers lucked out and this last year got Artest who I would consider a big 3 player based off defense in itself. Kobe, Gasol, Artest.

Look at the Kings roster. Tyreke and DMC are the cornerstones. The two young men who are assigned to bring greatness to california's capital city. But, as stated above, a 3rd might be the key to a future champiopnship. Can we take a few minutes to review if you will please good sir's.


Omri Casspi: He was a first round pick in the Artest deal. He has the athleticism and game and has even showed us that he is capable of starting and scoring and playing great ball all around in this league. The question is consistency and strength. Can he guard the Lebron's, Grangers, and other bigger athletic forwards? Questions arise but I think he has a good shot to become a strong started, but maybe not the 3rd part of that animal.

Donte Greene: Potential lockdown defender. Has really shown strides in maturity and shooting and offensive skills. The thing that worries me with Donte is sometimes I feel he wants to steal the show. He is really athletic and he knows it, and wants to show himself as a all-star player right now. He would have to learn to play the 3rd wheel on the monster, but he can deffinantly fill the position if he lives up to his upside.

Jason Thompson: He also has impressed me this year with his ability to stretch the floor, and play Center and be versatile for us. He can rebound, play okay D, and can shoot really well for a big guy and can develop into a great player. He has bad tendancies that I have not seen fade away though. Not an amazing passer, looks to struggle if ever double teamed, and seems to not be evolving any post moves (tendancies I was talking about). I can't see him in that big a role, but like him at least as a role player on this team for years.

Hassan Whiteside: I think he has the best chance. He has the upside to really become an amazing threat and be a nightmare of a matchup for any other PF. He has length, can shoot, great defensive instincts, and can become a lesser KG IMO. But he is young, immature, and really needs to get it together in his head to be successful in this league. I think the Kings do a great job with young players and have team chemistry any player would want to have around him. I think being drafted so late gives him a chip on his shoulder as well.


Those are just 4 players in a roster full of them, however these I find the most likely of candidates. Chances are, none of them may become that type of player, and I am tired of free agency and draft talk. So do you see any of these, or players in the future FA or draft that could be Kings and fill this role?

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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