Is it enough?

First up, I am back from a slight hiatus from StR. I have been lurking and making a comment here and there but overall, the dog days of summer get a little rough when you have two young boys to contend with instead of one. With the big boy about to start back to school, I am recharged and ready to contribute. 

Cheers full theme song (from 200th show) (via BertoneBeatle)


It's nice to be back among friends. No, I didn't open a restaurant and yes, I have been able to keep up with the epic adventures of Section214 through time, space and retro lyrics. I am not leaving to join the staff of Pick and Scroll or opening up the "Ham Sandwich"- your definitive blog to get the real NBA meat. Certain periods of the year, time becomes precious for everyone. For me, summer is that time.

Now that summer vacation is coming to a close, and with the announcement by Jerry Reynolds on the Rise Guys show that this is the team the Kings will be taking into the 2010-11 season, the question is there to be asked- Did the Kings do enough?

I hate qualifiers but obviously there has to be some for this discussion. I guess we all have opinions on what success would be for this season. Some think playoffs is success, some feel that a 7-10 game improvement in the standing is enough so let's leave this question open to personal preference. Did the Kings do enough for your taste is what I want to work off of.

The Kings entered the summer with a pretty full roster of young talent mixed with a few veterans to trade or keep. The Kings also owned the 5th and 33rd picks in the draft as well as 20+ million in cap space. With all of this promise and possibility came the realities of free agency, the realities of the Maloofs financial situation and the underlined questions of what do the Kings have and what do they need.

As fans, many of us wanted a Chris Bosh or David Lee type splash but then Geoff Petrie went out out and added Dalembert in an under the radar move pre-draft and those front court needs lightened. He coupled this deal with the drafting of Demarcus Cousins and Hassan Whiteside to create possibly the deepest front court the Sacramento Kings have ever had. Dalembert, Cousins, Whiteside in, Hawes, Nocioni, Brockman out and still 17+ million to spend.

With the remaining money and roster spots, the Kings have chosen a conservative route of sitting out what became a complete debacle of free agency. Using roughly 2.8 million dollars, Petrie added Antoine Wright and the partial or non-guaranteed contracts of Donald Sloan, Pooh Jeter and Darnell Jackson instead of throwing mad money around on players like Travis Outlaw (5yr/35 mill) or Wes Mathews (5yr, 32.5 mill). There was some deals to be had in players like Ronny Brewer (3yr/13.1 mill) or CJ Watson (3yr/10.2 mill) but the overall theme of free agency was for everyone to overspend on mediocre talent while the big three all took less than max money- a strange turn of events indeed.

With the choice to play it safe, the Kings have left some questions in the back court in my opinion. The Kings beastly front line will need to dominate on both ends of the court until the complimentary point guard/combo guard/ shooting guard can be added via trade, the 2011 draft or next years free agency. The Kings have added pieces, retained complete cap flexibility and answered more questions than personally I believed possible. Without tainting this post with a huge amount on my personal opinion on the subject,  I will turn the question to you- did the Kings do enough this summer for your liking?

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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