The Future of the Kings Backcourt

I know this topic has already been discussed in previous posts, but I just wanted to say my own piece about it. There is a definite need in the backcourt that the Kings will need to address in the future, and I just wanted to write some of my thoughts about who I think would fit best playing next to Tyreke.

I think the ideal backcourt fit for Reke should be a fairly young versatile combo guard who can play off-ball, who can consistently knockdown shots especially from long range, who has excellent point-guard and ball-handling skills, and who can defend and match up physically with opposing point guards and shooting guards. 


Offensively, Beno is a great fit next to Tyreke, but he is very limited defensively only being able to defend other point guards. Francisco Garcia still needs to prove that his game is back to before the wrist injury. Cisco has the size and strength to defend point guards and shooting guards, he can play off-ball, and he has a decent 3-point shot, but I'm not sure he can play the point-guard position well.


Billups would be a great fit, but he is turning 34 and wouldn't be a long term solution for the Kings' backcourt. Eric Gordon would be a good because he has the the size to guard 1s and 2s, he can shoot the 3 and use his athleticism to score driving to the hoop, and he doesn't need the ball in his hands to be effective, but he lacks a lot of the true point-guard skills that the Kings need. 


Steph Curry would be the perfect compliment to Tyreke's offensive game. With Stephen Curry, the Kings would have Curry who can shoot the lights out and break down defenses with his passing, Reke would cause havoc driving the lanes (LOL, is it too soon?), and DMC busting heads in the low post. The Kings would be pretty much set on offense, but defensively I have to wonder if Curry can match up against bigger, stronger, and more athletic shooting guards. Maybe, we can hide his weaknesses on the defensive end since we have DMC, Whiteside, and Dalembert, but I just doubt the warriors would give him up. The Kings are more likely to draft Seth Curry and just hope that he can play as well as or better than his brother.


I think D. Williams is a beast in Utah and would be a beast on the Kings. He's an all-star point-guard who can shoot the 3, score off the dribble, drop 10 dimes, play lock down defense against 1s and 2s, and he brings play-off experience and leadership. With D. Will, Reke would need to learn how to be effective without the ball in his hands, but I just don't see D. Will leaving Utah anytime soon.


Realistically, the Kings might have to fill the need in the backcourt through the draft. Some interesting prospects would be Kyrie Irving and Seth Curry, if they enter the draft in 2011. I think another good prospect in the 2012 draft may be Austin Rivers (Doc Rivers' son). There's no saying how good these players will be, but Irving has been compared to CP3, Seth Curry has the potential to be better than his brother, and Austin Rivers is very similar to Stephen Curry at Davidson except bigger, taller, and more athletic. 


Hopefully, whoever the Kings decide to put next to Tyreke in the backcourt will bring the team even closer to becoming championship contenders.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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