Potential trade thread: Carmelo Anthony

Its dangerous for me to write a post about this whole situation, as posts like this could quickly become redundant.  To avoid redundancy, a few rules:

1. this is not a place to argue whether or not you want Carmelo in a kings uniform

2. Dont make the argument that Carmelo does not want to be here or that you would take Carmelo only if he signs an extension. Been there, done that.

The question is simple: Assuming he wants to sign a contract extention with the Kings, who would you be willing to trade for Carmelo Anthony

I dont believe my opinion is any more valuable than yours, but sinse my eliquent dicktion and xpert prose has u captivated, I will go ahead and share to get things started. 

It's a widely held belief that to aquire Carmelo, it will take a combination of young talent, cap relief, and draft picks. By trading Melo for a player on their rookie contract, we can provide Denver with both young talant and cap relief.  Because Carmelo would obviously be the starting SF going forward, I figure it would be safe to trade Omri or Donte.  Because Donte has the potential to be a defensive stopper (something Carmelo is not), I give him the slight edge over Omri.  I also believe Denver would find Omri more attractive than Donte (Omri is a more efficient scorer, and without Carmelo, Denver will need some help on that end of the floor)

The next person on my trading block is Carl Landry.  Its no secret that we have incredible depth at the 4/5, so to minimize the negative impact felt by our team, It is time for us to part with one of our bigs. DMC is untouchable.  Dalambert gives us the defense and rebounding we need.  The choice is essentially between Landry and JT.  I believe Landry is a more talanted scorer, and his expiring contract may make him very valuable to Denver.  While JT is not as talanted a scorer as Landry, with the Melo-Reke-DMC combo, scoring will not be that big of an issue.  Rebounding, on the other hand, could instantly become an issue if JT is traded away in a package for Melo.  Carmelo has never been a very dedicated rebounder, and I worry about pairing him with Big Carl on the front line.  DMC and Dalambert are great rebounders, but we cannot rely on them to carry our team.  If JT is kept on our roster, we are still able to cement our place as one of the league's better rebounding teams.

My proposal would be as follows:

Kings trade:

Carl Landry

 Omri Casspi

a 1st round pick, and a 2nd round pick

Nuggets trade:

Carmelo Anthony

(I would still accept a trade involving Donte/JT, effictively moving the entire cast of the Donte Greene show to the Mile High City, however a Omri/Top Hat combo is more favorable for us in my opinion)

New depth chart:

PG: Tyreke/Beno

SG: Garcia/Beno

SF: Carmelo/Greene

PF: JT/DMC/Whiteside

C: Dalambert/DMC/JT/Whiteside

(I wanted to post not-so-asinine in the title, but I am semi-new here, and I'm not sure if the asinine threads are all written by the same person... and to avoid making any enemies online, I decided to leave it out.)

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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