Kings Trade Options


I agree very much with the article about Carl Landry that a mid to late 1st round pick for either Landry or Dalembert is essentially a lottery ticket. If that is the only thing on the market, then we should definitely pull the trigger because it gives us leverage for a future trade. However, I would very much like to see the Kings find a way to get a solid rotation player by the trade deadline... Our "3" in our Big 3 to go along with Evans and Cousins. This "3" could either be a big to go along with Cousins and JT to solidify our front line for the future or else a 1,2,3 (depending on how you view Tyreke, i see him as a 1 because he dominates the ball and doesnt shoot from outside and its much easier to find a 2 or 3 that can spread the floor than a 1).

Unless some of the players under contract are traded lets look at what we have returning for next season. Evans, Udrih, Garcia, Greene, Casspi in the backcourt, and Cousins and JT up front. Add our lottery pick to the rotation and hopefully at least 1 rotation FA and thats 9 guys right there not even counting Jeter, Jackson, or Whiteside. My point is with 9 guys there already, what are the odds that a mid to late first rounder can help us at all in the next season or two? Maybe we do find another Casspi or Martin, but would he even have a chance to get enough minutes to prove himself? Again if the market dictates that is all we can get then I am all for adding the pick and using it to package with something to add a player at a later time. This is all going along with what most people believe that no top FA will consider Sacramento unless we overpay him, and outside of Carmelo this FA crop is weak at best. Overpay for Glen Davis, Afflalo, Troy Murphy, Marc Gasol, eh I dont think so.


We can obviously trade anybody, but the clear pieces on the block with expiring deals are Sammy and Carl. Since these guys are rental players its most likely that only a contender would give up anything for them and most likely nothing that has a chance to hurt their team (No playoff squad will give up a rotation guy to add either of these 2 in my opinion). So who might want them? I personally think that Dalembert has more value since defensive centers are more rare than a fairly productive 4 who can score, but often struggles on the boards and on D. Looking at the East there are 6 teams in contention. I dont think any of the 6 would give up a rotation player for SD or CL, and I dont think that any of the 6 have anybody out of the rotation that would help the Kings. I think Dalembert could help Chicago, Miami or New York, but again I think the only offer would be a late 1.

The West is a very similar story, there are more contenders out West but the market is largely the same. Houston, Utah, Oklahoma City, and Portland could all use another big, but would they give up anything of value? Again I think we are looking at a late 1.


The first is a big one. This is assuming that Phoenix continues to fade away and they decide to start over and rebuild. This would make Steve Nash available. I dont think he would have any interest in going to the Kings, but as I will explain, we have a nice chance to be a 3rd party since the Suns would be looking for young talent. Nash dominates the ball, so we have to look at what contenders would add him that arent necessarily happy with their primary ball handler. Of the 6 East teams there is Rose, Rondo, Felton, Lebron/Wade, Nelson/Turkoglu/Arenas, and Joe Johnson. Only the Hawks might look to upgrade there, but it doesnt seem likely. Out West a few teams make sense. Nash would be a major upgrade for the Lakers, Nuggets, Blazers or Rockets. But all those destinations also have issues, what could the Lakers give up and could he work with Kobe? Are the Nuggets and Blazers on their way to rebuilding as well? And are the Rockets true contenders that would give up enough pieces with a risk that Nash doesnt put them over the top? So here is my idea and where the Kings come in...

SUNS get                                          CLIPPERS get            KINGS get

G Eric Bledsoe                               G Steve Nash                C Chris Kaman

F Greene or Casspi                       C Dalembert                  G Randy Foye

F Carl Landry                                                                        F Gomes

Protected 1 (LAC)

The Suns get alot of young talent and maybe Landry would resign there. I would much rather give Greene than Casspi, but if it had to be Casspi then Im ok with that. I dont think they would want Baron Davis, but he would be an option Im sure the Clippers would love to include if they added Nash. Now for the Clippers imagine Nash and Blake Griffin! Gordon plays off the ball so Nash could step right into primary ball handler with or without Baron on the roster. How would the Spurs or Lakers like to face Nash, Gordon, and Griffin in round 1?? They add Dalembert as their 3rd big. LA has made its big run without Kaman anyways, so I dont think they would be against moving him and his contract if it meant adding Nash. The Kings add an All-Star from last year. Kaman and Cousins up front sets the Kings for years to come. And we would have to add Foye and Gomes to match up salaries (both terrible signings but only 4 mill each). Im sure the Clippers would like to send Baron north as well, but I want no part of that.


Trade #2 is much more straight forward and has been discussed as a possibility. This is adding AI from the Sixers. The rumor is that the Sixers want to dump his salary and add other pieces to build around. I have no problem taking on his salary and making him our premier perimeter defender and pair him with Tyreke as a nightmare on the fast break. The question is what would we have to give up? I think rumors have included a combination of 2 of the 3 of Casspi, Greene, and JT and possible a lottery protected 1. I would have no problem including Greene and JT, but would be hesitant to move Casspi, since I still think hes going to a star in this league. Athletic 6'9 wing players that shoot the 3 just arent too common in the NBA.

Greene, Thompson, Protected 1 in 2012, unprotected 2013 for Igoudala... DONE.

How about both trades? Evans, Udrih, AI, Cousins, Kaman is no joke. With lottery pick, Garcia, Jeter, Jackson, Whiteside still on the bench without overpaying anybody or having to sign a single FA. OKO for GM.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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