This Week's Asinine Trade Thread, The Kings 'Run the Gauntlet'

Remember back at the beginning of the season when many here thought the Kings would be at or near .500 at this point of the season?  It was supposed to be this next stretch of games that firmly reinforced that our boys were not a playoff team yet.  Well, that day has arrived and the Kings have only 10 wins instead of the 18 or 20 (sounds funny now) many expected.

Welcome to the next 12 games in which 11 of the King's next twelve opponents are all currently playoff teams.  6 games are at home and 6 on the road. (see poll below)

By "Running the gauntlet". The condemned soldier was stripped to the waist and had to pass between a double row (hence also known as die Gasse, "the alley") of cudgeling or switching comrades.  The punishment was not necessarily continued until death.

If the condemned was able to finish the run and exit the gauntlet at the far end, his faults would be deemed paid, and he would rejoin his comrades with a clean slate.


This is the place for your well thought out trade idea! 

This is also the place for all your pipe dreams, or for some wacky ill-advised nonsense just because the numbers match up in that Trade Machine Thingy.  

Trade for players you love, trade away players you hate.  Just trade to make the team better without regard to emotion - or make it all about emotion.  

HINT:  Think defensive rebounding, big man, young and developing, shooting/combo guard or SF, a dead eye shooter. Big time Stud - or short term enough so that you won't be crushed by "that kills our future flexibility!" comments.

But actually - do whatever you want! 

Thats what this is here for, to keep other posts from wandering into 'I think we could still get LaBron!'. 

Out-think Geoff Petrie!

Please out-think Mike Dunleavy  David Kahn and anyone ever associated with the Clippers Timberwolves.

(yeah, I'm leaving that line in) 

You never know, you may gain wide acclaim and Fame for your brilliant move! 

ESPN Trade Machine: Click HERE

Surgeon's General Warning:  Only abstinance provides full protection!

(Don't forget to 'save' the trade so you can share it and sum up the trade in text as well for those at office computers)

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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