State of the Kings....also, CWEBB dominates Broadcasting!

How many SF's combo F's do the Kings need on their roster!!!?  It seems to me that Francisco, Omri, Donte Greene, Carl Landry, Jason Thompson are all in the same mold.  All would be good role players on a good team, but together, making up 5 of our key players, it just doesn't work.  Then throw in Samuel Dalembert and Hassan Whiteside, we have two other big guys that just aren't worth their weight.


I'm honestly very confused in the direction Petrie is heading. 

Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins are two great building blocks, yet that remains about it.  I think Omri Casspi also has a bright future.  He is still very young, athletic, and skilled in all aspects of the game.  The Kings need to hold onto him; another reason why I'm confused: of all the Kings players that deserve to be on the trading block, Omri is not the one. 

With that said, the Kings need to part ways with 4 of the following 6 players:  Francisco Garcia, Greene, Landry, Thompson, Dalembert, and Whiteside. 

There are plenty of players we could trade for a combo of any of aforementioned players.  What we truly need is a true Point Guard and an actual Small Forward.  Here are the following players that could be traded for for the combination of Donte Greene, Jason Thompson, and Beno or Francisco, Landry, Whiteside and Beno, etc. etc.

Wizards:  PG Kirk Hinrich; PF Andray Blatche

Raptors: PG Jose Caledron

Suns: PF: Channing Frye;

76ers: PG: Lou Williams

Magic: PG: Chris Duhon

Thunder: PF Nick Collison

Knicks: SF: Wilson Chandler; G: Landry Fields

Hornets: SF: Trevor Ariza;

Nets: PF Kris Humpries; PF Troy Murphy

TWolves: PF: Michael Beasley; KEVIN LOVE!

Bucks: PF: Ersan Ilysova

Clippers: SF: Ryan Gomes; C: Chris Kama; SG: Eric Gordon

Pacers: SF: Mike Dunleavy; PG: T.J. Ford; SF: James Posey

Rockets: SF: Chase Budinger;

Warriors: PG: Steph Curry

Pistons: SF: Tayshaun Princ; PF: Charlie Villanueva

Nuggets: Camello!?

Cavs: PG: Mo Williams

Bobcats: PG: D.J Augustin; PF: Boris Diaw;

Hawks: SF: Marvin Williams


Kings Combo Package 1: Beno, Carl Landry, Donte Greene

Kings Combo Package 2: Beno, Francisco, Landry, Whiteside

Kings Combo Package 3: Beno, Greene, Thompson, Landry

Kings Combo Package 4: Landry, Thompson, Beno


We need a true Power Forward, a real PG, or a true SF.  Realistically, the only players we could land from the list of possible trademates above are:

Wizards: Hinrich; Blatche.....Raptors: Calderon........Bucks: Ersan Iloysva.......Clippers: Ryan Gomes.......Pacers: Mike Dunleavy; T.J. Ford...........Rockets: Chase Budinger........Pistons: Tayshaun Prince.......Cavs: PG Mo Williams.......

maybe D.J. Augustin? I doubt MJ would part ways with such a young and talented PG.  But the package of Beno, Landry and Jason Thompson may be enticing.


My question is, what should we do!?

We need a TRUE PG......we need a REAL SF.......We need a better PF........

Who would you rather have at PG:

Hinrich, Calderon, T.J. Ford, or Mo Williams....or a long shot, D.J. Augustin?

How about at SF:

Ryan Gomes, Mike Dunleavy, James Posey, Chase Budinger, or Tayshaun Prince?

And at PF:

Iloysva, Blatche, Diaw, Collison, Channing Frye??


Imagine this trade: The Sacramento Kings trade Beno Udrich, Carl Landry, Donte Greene and a Future 1st round pick to the Washington Wizards for Kirk Hinrich and Andrey Blatche:

PG: Hinrich

SG: Evans

SF: Casspi/Garcia

PF: Blatche


Bench: Cousins, Garcia, Dalembert, Head, Pooh, Jackson, Whiteside..............


Maybe even, if MJ loses his mind momentairly:

The Sacramento Kings trade: Beno Udrich, Donte Greene, Carl Landry, and a future 2nd Round Pick to the Charlotte Bobcats for DJ Augustin and Boris Diaw

PG: Augustin

SG: Evans

SF: Casspi/Garcia

PF: Thompson/Diaw

C: Cousins/Thompson

Bench: Diaw, Dalembert, Head, Pooh, Jackson, Whiteside



I don't know.  I can dream right.  The SAD THING is that these trades are realistic.  Yet, for the past four years our management just sits on its hands and doesn't make positive moves.  

What is the vision of this current roster!?  WE NEED TO MAKE MOVES....NOW! Beno can't be our future PG.  We can't have 6 interchangeable players that all think they are better than they are. 

Lets start it this season with some positive moves.  Moves that will set some players in stone at their position.  Moves that will influence what we do in the 2011 draft, because face it, we will have a Top 4 pick, and we need to make a splash.  Moves that will make our team better and make the Kings fun to watch again.


Please Petrie, I hope you visit Sactown Royalty, I'm sure you do.  Please go find the mirror you used to look into around 1999-2002, and remember what you are capable of. 


Thank You,

A loyal Kings fan from the Central Coast of California.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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