The Unofficial STR Fantasy Basketball League!!!

Love your Kings and want to feel a closer connection to them but can't? On most days, I try to fill that void by doing things like looking at the Clark County Assessor's files on the Palms and laughing at how little that property is worth now compared to how much money was put into it by some guys who only have a 2% interest. Well no need for that now because all you need to do to fill that Kings basketball void is bid bid bid! Yes that's right, the very competitive Unofficial STR Fantasy Basketball League is wrapping up, but hell that was just a lockout exercise. Now it's time for the real thing: The Unofficial Fantasy Basketball League is here and it's going to be an auction league. Hey, you want Chris Paul on your team? Well, you can! The Malindas aren't willing to pay Chandler? Well, you can! Details below but if you are interested, go ahead and shoot me an email at

[Edit: just realized I never said it but this is an ESPN league.]

[UPDATE: As of 7:00 pm December 9th we only have three spots left


League Name: Unofficial STR League

Number of Teams: 12

Scoring Type: Head to Head Each Category


Current Roster Size: 13 [10 starters, 3 bench & one injured reserve spot]

Starters: PG; SG; G; SF; PF; F; C; UTIL; UTIL; UTIL

No game played limit


Points - Blocks - Steals - Three Pointeres Made - Field Goal Percentage

Assists - Rebounds - Turnovers - Free Throw Percentage


12 teams [if I have to will drop it to 10]

Two divisions [by all means if anyone can think of some funny StR themed divisions or Kings related just throw it in the comment section]


Lineup Changes: Daily - Lock individually at Scheduled Gametime

Player Acquistion System: Waivers Season Acquisition Limit: None

Matchup Acquisition Limit: 7 (for 7-day matchup) Waiver Period: 2 Days

Waiver Order: Move to Last Claim, Never Reset Order Trade Limit: No Limit

Trade Deadline: [currently set to February 29th but subject to change to the actual trade deadline for the season]

Trade Review Period: 2 Days

Votes Required to Veto Trade: 6 [if it ends up being a 10 team league I am taking this down to 5]

Keeper League: Yes, two players [Just in case we want to keep this thing going.]


Weeks per Matchup: 1 Regular Season Matchups: 12 (Playoffs start Week 13)

Playoff Teams: 4 Weeks per Playoff Matchup: 2 weeks per round

Playoff Seeding Tie Breaker: Head to Head record


Type: Auction

Draft Date: Wednesday, December 21, 10:00 PM ET [7:00 PM PST]

Auction Budget: $200


Hoping for a competive and fun league. I am a petty bastard and will take great pleasure in attempting to smite you all. Anywho, we will be handing out trophies for things like Best Team Name and have a few stupid polls here and there. I picked the draft date hoping to have it right before the start of the season but at the same time not the same night as the Kings first preseason game yet early enough to hammer out the draft before anyone needs to travel for Christmas.

Oh, and by the way, please note this is an auction draft. It will take quite some time to auction 156 players. And if you have never done an auction, I would suggest doing a few mocks or even maybe trying a real one (given in the mocks there is always a jackass or two jackasses who just max bid for fun). If you are planning on bidding $110 bucks on one player, hope you really know what you are doing or else you are going to be pretty misreable for the rest of the season and I am hoping for active members here (also, just a hint: if you go broke early, don't nominate guys to bid on who are super cheap right away thinking you are going to get them. You aren't and you are going to have to wait awhile. If you are already nominating $2 guys because you spent on 5 guys in the first 11 picks, you are doing it wrong).

Again, if you are interested just email me at First come first serve (well, except for the Ziller cat. I have a very strict opposable thumb policy). Hope to hear from 11 of you soon.

[Note: music video NSFW]

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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