Who gives this team a pulse?

It seems like there are many different dynamics within NBA teams and one of them seems to be a particular player that gives the team intensity.  That picks up the energy of the team and keeps it flowing.  All teams have talents, but many lack the drive and intensity to win.  They lack a pulse. 



My question is who will bring this quality to the Kings.  I thought that it might be Tyreke when we first got him, but he is too calm, cool, and collected.  He doesn’t show the kind of emotional explosiveness that you see from players like Kevin Garnett or the stubborn unwillingness to waiver, bend, or lose of a K@be (for all I can’t stand him).

Different teams have different pulses and there are many different flavors of intensity.  I have just questioned if the Kings had it in the past and found that they didn’t in recent memory.  Sure, they have been talented the past few seasons, but there was no one or even two players that could grab the defibrillator paddles, slaps them on the collective chest of the team, and jolt the team’s flat-lined heart back to life. 


Because that is what we have been fed a steady diet of the past few years.  A team with a flat-lined heart, but no longer...  I think we may have found a pulse and the patient is not, in fact, dead.   It’s alive!!!


We are playing with intensity again and, IMO, it is Demarcus Cousins wielding the paddles.  He sometimes forgets the gel that keeps the patient from getting burn marks, but that can be learned in time and improved with maturity.



You can’t teach a player how to care, but you can build a team dynamic of intensity and heart.  To do that you have to have a player that brings a contagious level of intensity.  I think DeMarcus Cousins is bringing that and can eventually anchor this team emotionally.  He needs to grow emotionally himself to do that, but is getting there and this will only improve as he matures.



I don’t think that it is any surprise that the Kings are winning and playing better with him in the starting line-up.  I predict that as he shows more poise so does the rest of the team.  That as he matures and develops into a more complete adult and player that we will see this team gel around him. 



DMC may not be the leading play-maker on the team, but I think he will end up being the heart and soul of the team. The emotional anchor and catalyst we have needed to find a pulse.




(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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