Here We Stay: Sell out Arco on Feb. 28 - The in-game plan


Bumped to the top. Buy tickets ASAP -- only fewer than 1,000 remain! -- TZ

Alright, everyone... we're really doing this. As of yesterday there were only 2,000 tickets available for this game (Blake Griffin surely has something to do with this) but if you add our campaign and the donations we've gotten we are making that final push to sell out the game and show our support for our franchise.

 Now we need to come up with ideas to make our presence felt inside Arco. I'm gonna throw some ideas after the jump and please do the same by dropping comments. We'll use the same format as for 'caption of the week,' whoever gets the most rec's we'll get the most consideration. Hopefully if everyone gets to contribute their ideas, I'll go to TZ and some of the Here We Stay folks to finalize this plan. The earlier we get this done the better as we'd have more time to prep and make sure this is a successful action.


No doubt we need to find a way to synchronize at least 2 chants, hopefully more, during this game. The key is to have something easy enough that everyone will chant and also that we are able to make some noise during the telecast. We need the whole world to hear us, so I suggest we break these chants when the Clippers are shooting free throws and at other times during the game. We can also make noise during timeouts and before, halftime, and after, but I would think the idea is to let everyone know (especially if the Maloofs don't attend the game) who we are and what we are trying to accomplish.

As for the actual chants, I have the obvious: Here-We-Stay and maybe (stealing from Seattle) Save-Our-Kings. I also saw blob's idea of something like Sac-Town-Kings. Maybe something simple like Sa-cra-men-to might do the trick. We at least need one that incorporates the city name. This is where you all come in. Let us know what you think.

Attire, shirts, color coordination

Someone mentioned this in one of the threads and I think it's a great idea. My suggestion would be to go with white and purple for obvious reasons: team colors. White will also work as the "Here We Stay' shirts are white and it just looks neat on TV. Again, we're doing this not just for Sacramento to see us, but for everyone who's watching the telecast. We hope media outlets pick it up and write stories about it. We want to make as much noise as possible with every detail. So, white and purple? What do you all think

Update: The white and purple shirts is a go. TZ will mention this tomorrow on the Rise Guys so let's begin spreading the word on this aspect of our action.

Social media

We've already gotten this started but it is never enough. We need to spread the word for this campaign as much as possible. The only way to make this succesful is to make sure eveyrone has the information available. Let's keep asking players to retweet our messages on Twitter. Send emails to your representatives, mayor Johnson, the Kings org. Send them links to this thread, TZ's thread, the 'Here We Stay' twitter and facebook pages. Let's have other bloggers who reach thousand of people retweet and support our campaign. The internet is a great thing when you can use it for good causes and this is such time.

This will also be the medium through which we could coordinate the chants and the tshirt situation so let's throw our ideas here, make them official as soon as possible, and let's start spreading the word. Remember, wait until we make this official (another thread will get posted) before you communicate any plans. For now continue to let everyone know where planning an action and that details will be released soon.

Fliers, posters

One idea I had was to create and print a 'chant' flier and get to Arco early to pass around the arena. I would be willing to pass them around, hopefully others can help. We would just need to decide on the chants and have someone help us out by typing them and printing the fliers (lots of them). This is the same idea Cleveland had to 'welcome back' LeBron but with an obvious different, and much mor epositive twist. Not sure if this is possible but it could really get a lot of  people on the same page, especially considering not everyone is on twitter, listens to the radio, or pays attention to what we're trying to do.

As for posters, the more the better. Create your own, or make two, three, or four, and give some to your neighbors. Those of you going to lower level have a good chance of getting on TV a lot (if sitting behind the scorers table) so let's make it happen.

Huge update: We have a member of the StR community (in the process of officially joining, only a lurker until now) who is a graphic designer and print technician who is ready to donate posters, signs, banners, and whatever is needed for the game in terms of materials. His SN name will be Ivan209 I believe. He should be posting soon but just wanted to share the news.

A bit of a final though

First of all, I'm so proud to do be able to actually do this. The support so far has been great but it is only the beginning. It really is our time to stand up and do something. It's a small gesture and we may not change anyone's mind, but I personally will feel after this night, that I did my part as a fan to keep MY/OUR team, here where it belongs. There's a good chance we know before the game if the Maloofs will file for relocation, so whether they do or not let's try to go in it with the same fire and do what we all set out to do.

I ask a big favor to many of you, those attending, contributing in any way, or those simply posting comments in this thread/blog: Please keep it positive. I'm not interested in arguing who's fault this is, it doesn't matter. We are doing this for us and for the Sacramento Kings. When you go to Arco, don't think you're going to 'get back' at the Maloofs, or the people of Sacramento, or your government officials; go because you care about this team and you're doing what you can to keep it here.

I'm for those of you who don't believe this will help any and we're all wasting our time: just stay out of this thread and our way. I respect that though but we're not interested in your opinion at this time. Please respect that as well.

Here We Stay!

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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