What do we have, and what do we need?

All this negativity surrounding our Kings moving to Anaheim has got me down. So for a change of pace, lets look at the prospects on our team and see what our future needs to be successful here in SACRAMENTO.

Donte Greene: A few years ago we considered Donte Greene to be a developing player to consider as a potential starter and maybe more.  At this point, its fairly safe to say Donte will probably not be a part of our future team. Hes had a turbulent year and unfortunately he hasnt stepped up in his giving oppurtunities. 

Omri Casspi: I consider Omri to continue his growth as a player. Hes a scrappy, never give up, kind of player. Those type of people are a rare commodity in its own. Consider Omri as a starter in our future plans.

Demarcus Cousins: Franchise Player, next.

Tyreke: See Demarcus Cousins.

Beno Udrih: Definitely a 6th man. No way he should be starting as I believe PG is our teams weakness at this point. I truly like Beno as a player. Hes fun to watch, just his defense is lacking and it really hurts our ability to win games.

Jason Thompson: This ones tricky, at one point alot of us Kings fans were so high on Thompson that we would double take on the possibility of trading Thompson for Chris Bosh among others. Now its a pretty safe assumption that Thompson is a fringe starter and a good rotational big man.  Nothing great but good enough to crack his way into a rotation for solid mins. A role player if you will.

Sammy D: Defensive presence on the inside. Another great rotational big man, hopefully we sign him for at least 3 years to bring defensive energy when needed. Off the bench or as a starter. Who knows but for sure we could use him while we attempt to develop Hassan Whiteside

Francisco Garcia: He has been under rated I feel. Hes injured ALOT, we all know that. However, team leaders are rare for this young team. Garcia seems to have filled that void with his experience and knowledge. When D.Cousins and Greene battled, it was Garcia who talked to Cousins. I say we let him ride out his contract and re-asses the situation then.  No need to salary dump is what im saying. He brings to our team what alot of players couldn't.

Hassan Whiteside: Hes a work in progress, however when he fell to us in the second round I was giddy. There had been reports he maybe selected with our top choice. Lets hope we can develop Whiteside into a good player. BTW Whiteside loves Little Caesars, ive seen him at the Natomas Lil Caesars on multiple occasions. He is one big KID. Emphasis on KID. 

Marcus Thornton: The Jury is out on him. Cant say I know much of him as I dont really follow the Hornets. I do know he was a solid rookie last year and he can score. His defense may become a liability. Repeating history, we have scorers but not enough defensive players. 

The Rest: Since we are talking about the future I decided to leave the rest out. I like Pooh, Jermaine Taylor, and the rest. I just dont see them as long term solutions to this roster.

Considering where we were a few years back, I see much optimism in our current roster. We should have a top 5 pick coming our way, with a decent draft. We dont need superstars at this point (always welcomed, however) if we can pick up a starter in this draft at the PG position, id be happy going into next year. Beno should be our spark 6th man. JT should continue to start, unless improvement is found via free agency. I do believe PG has to be our draft pick. Tyreke should play the 2 and he can do it effectively when healthy. Cousins will continue to grow up as both a man and a player, and Omri will continue to scrap for loose balls. 

So the question, perfect off season in your opinions? Lets keep it realistic, no trade machine. Asinine trade thread for that. What should we draft, consider as a free agent both as starters or role players. With our draft picks who would fit into our current build.

14 wins doesn't describe the talent this team has. We blow games late, and with years of experience we should learn how to finish these games. The light at the end of the tunnel of this rebuilding process is coming. Lets keep this thread optimistic and use it as an outlet to discuss the teams future. I knew we are in the cloud of relocation, but as you can see there are about 20 threads devoted to that. Keep it positive, Go Kings!!

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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