My Story - A Kings Fanatic for Life


In the hopes that someone reads this:

My first Sacramento Kings game was 1987...I wasn't born yet, but Reggie Theus came tearing into the first row of the stands gunning for a loose ball - he landed on top of my very pregnant mother, and then helped her up with a smile - to this day I credit that moment to the "sickness" that is my undying love for my home town Sacramento Kings. As Tom Ziller said, I bleed purple, I've stood in line for hours to meet OP, Billy O, Lawrence Funderburke, and all of the Kings to follow. It wasn't pretty in the mid-nineties but I was there and so were the countless fans that bleed purple with me. The Maloof's and Petrie brought us more than hope, the brought us a Team to believe in, they brought us a Contender, they brought us Chris Webber - A misfit who wanted nothing to do with Sacramento - now listen to him talk about Sacramento, it is his home…They brought us J-wil and Peja and Divac and The Bench Mob, they brought life to a city that desperately needed a team to call their own.


  Game 7 against the Lakers, I was there - I cursed out my Dad as he cursed me out in the parking lot because we were so pissed at the loss we couldn't even find our car, those were the days, yea we never won the big show *cough* Tim Donaghy *cough* but that isn't the point - the point is the fire in the team, the world record noise from the fans, it was a family and it was magical. With age the team of the glory years dissipated and we are in a rebuilding stage now but that doesn't change my love for them one bit. Heck we have Reke and another "misfit" DeMarcus who will undoubtedly get through these growing pains and be a staple to this team for years to come...hopefully in Sacramento.


  There is no real substance to this post, just a fan with a sinking feeling that his team might be ripped away from him...I completely understand why the Maloof's are doing what they are - I can't even blame them, I just hope they see us there on Monday, look into the stands and reminisce on the beauty of the past and the hope of the future.


  To the people of Sacramento, we need this arena, it will bring thousands of jobs and so much recognition to the city - 5 years from now we will look back and say wow, what would the city be like without this entertainment mecca...nothing. Restaurants, events, concerts, tourist attractions, business conventions - this is so much more than a basketball arena.



 So there is my story an avid fan, just like Sign Lady and all the rest - We Still Believe.



Here's to the SACRAMENTO Kings of 2012 - I will be here, and I hope you will too.




(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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