Grading All 9 Trades (PART III)

PORTLAND- Joel Pryzbilla, 2 1st Round Picks

CHARLOTTE- Gerald Wallace


Wallace seems to be an ideal fit for the Blazers. The Blazers play hard and seem to maximize their talent on a nightly basis, the exact same things can be said about Wallace. Before this trade and the return of Brandon Roy from injury the Blazers were still in position to make the playoffs, but nobody gave them a real shot to win a series. But with the arrival of Crash, and Roy returning from injury, the Blazers now look like the most dangerous team out West to seriously challenge the top four out West in a first round matchup.


It hard to tell what Michael Jordan is trying to do in Charlotte. Just one season ago the Bobcats were in the playoffs for the first time ever and moving in the right direction. Exit Raymond Felton, exit Larry Brown, and now exit Gerald Wallace. Big Joel is a decent piece in return along with the draft picks, but it just doesnt seem like enough in return for your franchise player.

BOSTON- Kendrick Perkins, Nate Robinson

OKLAHOMA CITY- Jeff Green, Nenad Krstic, 1st Round Pick


The outrage over this trade by most of the Boston faithful has more to do with their love of Perkins than what he actually did on the court. There is no doubt Perkins is a productive defensive center and adds toughness and size up front, but he has history of injuries and remains very limited offensively. The Celtics feel like Jeff Green is the versatile forward that they have been searching for since James Posey was that guy during their championship season. Green is underrated league wide and Boston fans probably dont realize how good of a player they are getting in return. One thing is for sure, everything that Perkins was, and that Green is not, will be put under a microscope and dissected for years to come.


Outside of the Miami Heat, there was not a contending team with a bigger hole at the center position than the Thunder. Kendrick Perkins brings toughness, interior defense, and championship experience to a team that was desperate for all three. Nate Robinson should have very little impact for the Thunder. With Russell Westbrook running the show and Sepelosha, Harden, and Maynor filling the rest of the guard minutes, it should be hard for Nate to get much play time. Time will tell if this trade gives the Thunder a shot to win it all... but the one thing to take away from this deal is the Big 3 in Miami are excited to see Perkins leave the East and the literal Big 3 of Gasol, Bynum, and Odom cant be happy to see Big Perk a lot closer to LA.

ATLANTA- Mike Bibby, 1st Round Pick

WASHINGTON- Kirk Heinrich


Is Kirk Heinrich the piece that puts Atlanta in contention in the East? Its highly unlikely. Kirk is a very good complimentary guard but not the kind of impact player that brings Atlanta up to the level of the top 4 contenders in the East. Kirk is an upgrade defensively over Bibby and should make an impact, but will it be enough of an impact to make a difference come playoff time?


After this trade it is clear that the Wizards did not see Kirk Heinrich as part of their long term future. The emergence of Nick Young and the continued development of John Wall made Kirk the odd man out. In return, the Wiz got Mike Bibby along with a 1st round draft choice. At this point in his career Mike Bibby is not much more than a spot up jump shooter. Mike has been a poor defender his entire career and father time is not helping either.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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