This will make all of you feel better, at least in the short term...

Fellow Kings Fans,


I, like all of you, have been driving myself crazy over the last week and a half trying to come to terms with all of this relocation talk, and figure out something, ANYTHING, that will help keep our Kings.

Well I took a step back and came to a conclusion that I think should make every Kings fan at least feel a LITTLE better.

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My mistake during this process is that I am too emotionally invested, and have forgotten a few simple rules when thinking about negotiotations (whether negotiations to get a new arena to Sac or negotiations for the team to move).

The #1 rule when looking at a negotiation from the outside is to not believe anything, and I repeat ANYTHING that comes through the media. I mean, take a step back and look at the amount of news coming out over the last fews days, and it does seem like a pretty wild roller coaster.  Now take another step back, and look at the whole situation objectively.  And by whole situation, I mean everything, from the upcoming CBA, to Here We Stay, to 3 NBA teams in Socal, everything..

If the Maloofs have stayed here, for this long, then why in their right mind would they pick now as the time to move? Forget that Taylor/ICON exists for 1 second.  Why would any person, who has any sense of business, move a team, and try to win fans from not one but two franchises, one of which is (regrettably) one of the greatest franchises in NBA history at any point in time (especially when there are alternative options)?  Now why would any person do this in the face of a potentially brutal lock-out for next season?  How would any succesful plan to cultivate a new fan base from under the nose of two other franchises involve moving a team in a lockout year for said team to sit without games and have the novelty wear off on the surrounding community as your team is not even playing games?  Why would you do this, and move to an arena, where you very well may see yourself in the same  situation, needing a new or renovated arena in 5-10 years down the road.  Why would they move next yr, A FULL YEAR before this potential Fox TV deal could even be implemented.  It just DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.  None of it, and I refuse to believe that the Maloofs would not realize this.

Now take into context the fact that Taylor/ICON is in play now.  This makes things look even less sensical.  Why would the Maloofs do everything in the above paragraph, with the potential for a legit arena plan now in play?  There is not one shred of business sense to it, and not one thing in their history that says they would make this move, at this point now.  With all of this now thrown out there, it would seem like a panic move the Maloofs would be making by moving now doesn't it? 

Now does the following make more sense? 

Could it quite possibly be that the Maloofs and the NBA are holding us and the City of Sacramento hostage?  Could it be that this is the final play of the NBA and the Maloofs by a putting a gun to Sacramento's head and basically saying, last chance, get this done or else.  What better ammunition to have than to threaten to move our pride and joy to SoCal, the most hated place in the world by any Kings fan? What better time to do this than right in the middle of the 90 day window of a feasibility study of a new arena?  What better way to do this than having the Maloofs stay silent, and have all the talking done by the media and the Mayor.

I know this may seem like wishful thinking, but really, which of the different scenarios listed above, if you were objective about EVERYTHING you have heard and just relying on facts, would seem more plausible?

I'll put it this way, if you want to rely on recent news, what would be more likely - David Stern gagging the Maloofs because he's afraid they may talk to much about their move and get the league in a litigation battle like Seattle (which will happen regardless if the team moves, and even in Seattle, the NBA did not face any penalties, nor did the owner), or Stern gaggin the Maloofs because he's afraid that in the emotion of last night Joe or Gavin would say something "stupid" about staying, and destroy the pressure for a new arena built up in the last week. 

Again, this just might be wishful thinking, but when you step back from the ledge and take a 1,000 ft view of everything, which of the two options, truthfully, seems more realistic?

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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