Best and worse moments in Kings History

 I decided to come up with my best and worse moments in Kings History.


Best momements

Kings make playoffs 1st year in Sacramento- The original Arco was rockin as the new team in town got into the playoffs 10,330 people screaming their heads off. The Kings started things off right.


Mitch Rimond comes to Sacramento- Though we did not have a ton of success as a team, Mitch brought the franchise at least someone who was noticeable and put the Kings on the map, he even led us to a playoff birth in 1995 including an upsett on road in Seattle.


Vlade Divac signs with Kings- He was the glue that held everything together allowed us to play an exciting style of ball, without a guy like him wanting to sign none of the success we had would of happend.


Webber traded to Kings- Mitch was on the downslide of his career, Webber was a young big athletic franchise player. Getting him sent us on our way to the top.


Kings draft Jason Williams- Unlike many of our previous draft picks that hadn't worked out. Jason came in with his flashy ball skills and got bored fans excited to watch the Kings for once.


Kings give Utah a scare- It started with Webber laying out John Stockton in game one. The Kings set the tone that they were not afraid of the two time Western Conference champs. Had we been able to defend the pick and roll in game 4 better or Vlade's short hook shot in game 5 fell, we would of knocked the Jazz out of the playoffs.


Kings push Lakers to 5 games- After getting beat two games in LA we came home and won back to back games vs the LA Lakers and pushed the first round series back to LA. While they won easy it showed that we could play with the best teams and were on our way.


Kings trade Williamson for Doug Christie- Williamson as good of a guy could not spread the floor, Peja had developed to be good enough to start at SF and was deadly from downtown. Vernon Maxwell, Nick Anderson were fill in guys we got a great leader and defensive stopper in the long armed athletic Christie.


Kings win a playoff series- For the first time since the Kings were in KC they won a first round playoff series over the Phoenix suns. While we got swept the defending & eventual champs the Lakers showing that we could move past the first round was a big step for the Kings.


Kings trade for Mike Bibby- As exciting as Jason Williams was, he was immature not consistent. We needed a more stable PG. Bibby was the answer to take us to the next level.


Kings win 61 games a franchise best-All the peices were in place for a championship run, we had a great starting 5 Bibby, Christie, Peja, Webber, Divac, and a great bench, BJax, Hedo, Pollard were our main guys off the bench we also had a young athletic rookie named Wallace, Fudderburk and Mateen Cleaves who were spot guys.


Kings make conference finals a Date with LA- The Kings blew through Utah, and Dallas and made it to the Western Conference finals it was time to go toe to toe with our hated rivarly LA Lakers.


Kings blow out Lakers in game 3- After splitting the first two at home we went down to LA and dominated them in game 3.


Mike Bibby big game five shot-Bibby gave us the biggest win in franchise history, had it not been for the leauge and refs hatting us I have no doubt we would of closed the series out in game 6, and been the champs.


Kings win back to back Pacific division champs- After a dissapointing 7 game series loss to LA we added depth to our bench and despite injuries to Peja, Webber, Bibby we won 59 games and our 2nd straight Pacific division championship.


Return of Webber- After losing in the 2nd round to Dallas and missing the first 61 games recovering from blowing out his Knee, Webber would return at times he showed flashes of his old self includding two highlight dunks in an Easter Sunday showdown with LA he would struggle but by playoff time was prob still our best player.


Kings push Spurs to 6 games- After a couple seasons of change with players we would trade for Ron Artest. He renewed the teams energy and bad defense and led us to the playoffs. After getting blown out in game one we were a Brent Barry miss away from possibly taking a comanding 3-1 lead and probably could of upsett them.


Worse Moments


Bobby Hurley car accident-He was an exciting PG for us and could of changed the Franchise for the better, a series car acciedent derailed his careeer and our franchise for the rest of the 90's


Kings get blown out by LA- The Kings were playing the showtime Lakers and scored 4pts in the first qrt, though they would shoot better and play solid defense the remaining 3 qrts the game was too far out of reach it led to a coaches firing and turmoil with a struggling franchise.


Horry wins game 4 Lakers even series- I don't even want to talk about this we all know what happend.


Stockton rips our heart out- It was game 4 1999 We could not stop the pick and roll Stockton drains a shot and keeps Utah alive.


Webber blows out his knee- We were the favorites to win it all, Webber goes down in game two vs Dallas we lose him and any hope of a championship we lose the series.


Addleman fired- Say what you want about the guy, but how many coaches could go into one year lose Vlade Divac to start the year have to replace him Greg Ostertag, trade Doug Christie for Cutino Mobley, lose your franchise guy in Webber for 3 role players, be hit with injuries to Brad Miller, Bobby Jaxson, Mobley Peja etc and still get a team to win 50 games and the playoffs? The next yr, make another major trade Peja for Ron Artest still get to 44 wins, and give the defending Spurs a competetive 6 game series? I don't even think the Zen Master could of done that if a simular situation happend to LA Imagine LA losing 3 of their top players Kobe being one of them for some role bench players. Rick was the best coach Sacramento ever had the Maloofs just cut him lose.


Mussleman DUI- Young Eric Mussleman set the tone for a bad yr with a preason DUI the Kings never recovered from it. Ron Ron got into leagal trouble and we only won 33 games.


Kings set all time low 17 wins- The Kings had lost all five remaining players from our championship run days. We were a team filled with a mix of young guys and a few veterans that were average bench/role players all that equaled a dissmal 17 win season.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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