DeMarcus: King of TOs

I have never seen a player turn the ball over like DeMarcus.  Never, ever!  In every way, shape and form imaginable, he gives it away.   He is so giving his nickname should be the Red Cross.  Is he eating buttered popcorn with extra butter during timeouts? Get it, butter fingers, lol.  Actually they were in Chicago last night; could have been the olive oil grease off the deep-dish pizza (yum).

I think DeMarcus needs to hike to top of Mount Kilimanjaro this summer, or some place with snow capped peaks and sit in Zen-like posture until he achieves enlightenment.

The ball is my friend, the ball is my friend, the ball is my friend....Ommm...


Turnovers Per 48 Minutes >  DeMarcus 5.6 (1st or worst in NBA).  Total turnovers - 7th (220)

In addition to 3.3 TO average per game over the season, the last 9 games DeMarcus has been more giving than ever, averaging 5.0 TOs per game over last 9 contests, including a season high 8 give aways in only 25 minutes.  

That's once every 3 minutes on the court!


I wonder how much of this is lack of coaching?  I would say about 30 to 40% could be attributed to a coaching staff that cannot effectively communicate.  A coach’s job is to teach.  And if the student is not receiving the message, then the problem is not just the student; the problem is in the quality of the message.  The message is not being conveyed in a way that it can be received. 

I discovered this first hand through my experience teaching Algebra, Geometry and Science.  Students want to learn and improve, but they have certain styles of learning.  And if a teacher (coach or assistant coach) is not receptive to discovering those styles, stagnation or regression occurs.

I might say something to DeMarcus like this:  Every play you make or attempt to make is a matter of risk versus reward.  Do you agree?  (At this point he will say 'no go away', and it will all make perfect sense.) There are high-risk plays and low risk plays.  The best players, of among you can someday be, make snap second decisions in favor of the play with the best risk-reward ratio. 

A spin move into traffic with a second or third defender in close proximity is high risk.  Holding the ball in front of your defender within easy swiping distance is high risk.  Going to your best move, and doing so repeatedly, until the defense takes it away, is attractive low risk.  Discover ways you can play while making full use of your talents but also reading the riskiness of the play.  Focus on playing in ways to increase potential reward (smart play) while minimizing potential risk (dumb play).  Let’s measure your effectiveness not just by point and rebound totals, but also by smart play versus not so smart plays.

And I would add that when you increase the efficiency, your teammates gain (more) confidence in you.  And when teammates have (more) confidence in you, you get the ball more.  And just like each game is separate entity, each play is a separate entity.  And your own frustration level prevents you from seeing each play as a separate entity.  Positive (or non-negative) body language nurtures like-minded state, which helps you to move on to the next play.  The opposite is also true. 

See each mistake not as opportunity to get frustrated, but as opportunity to learn.   Your growth as a player is as much mental as it is physical.  Playing smart is a skill.  The best players are cerebral players, etc. etc. etc.  Cliches aside, this line of thought needs to be pursued with vigor.   Of course the student needs feel an integral part of this process, with appropriate give-and-take for optimal learning, and not just on the receiving end of a one-sided lecture.

All these ideas may sound simplistic, but that doesn't mean they are being delivered.  I don't think they are.  I think the coaching staff is at a loss how to communicate with DeMarcus.  I think they are too focused on his perceived problems, his perceived temper, his perceived reluctance, and not solution-oriented.  He is being treated like an 11-year-old stepchild whose parents are ready to send him off to boarding school. 

Chris Webber, who has expressed interest in the development of Cousins and a position with Kings, should have adoptive paperwork approved ASAP.


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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