Towards a new version of "Gotta Love Your Sacramento Kings!"

Many of you have written to me recently asking me:

" version of your song?"

"It's now or never!"

& adfinidum. yeah. awesome.


My thinking originally was to wait until the team had a winning record. To me the thought of "Gotta love Your Sacramento Kings!" should apply only to players that are playing well enough to win consistently. The song was an award; meted out after those few wins  where I post the title in the post-game thread.....

But now I realize the song is for me. For us. For fans of the team here in Sacramento. So I have new lyrics for you all, give me your feedback and I hope to record the new version ASAP. And if you've been (1) Under a rock since 2005, or: (2) You were born yesterday; here's a link to my facebook fanpage where you can here the original version of the song:

So I'm so tired of hearin' 'bout relocation..

As if another destination will increase the fan fascination...

Because we as fans have been through the rebuilding...& if they're not filling the arena for the ducks for the baby royals will they sell out the building?

I hafta say: (sung) hey!

Instead stick with what you got baby! (sung: Livin'...livin'....a little Northern California Satisfaction!)

Because it's only gonna get better if you stay!

verse 1: Bueno Beno or Pooh or Marcus can take it on the run, n' throw it out to Omri who could throw a 3 down, n' after their inbound, when they think it's on their ground el flaco steals it with a pass to Donte` who says: "Cisco kid....he's a friend of mine!" JT sets a screen n' Daly has a block at the rim, Cousins with a pass, he's drawin' it in, Reke' a layup drill so good it's a sin; I hafta say:

I'd rather have a quick man...n' not just a big man!

Gotta Love Your Sacramento Kings! ...Livin...livin...a little Northern california Satisfaction (4x)

Verse 2: Meow...used to be a cat on the prowl & crazy Ron-Ron on the outer yard, but they're LA now & I hope the whole team ain't goin' LA because I heard about this little soap opera called "As the faker laker world turns" that would be 30 miles down the road...instead be the ONLY game in town; be on top of the local mound, with youth & talent on our side with nothing to hide; a franchise now in play, 'cuz' we're here to stay, & the Sactown boys can be back...looking especially stack...

Gotta Love Your Sacramento Kings! ....Livin'....livin'''a little Northern California satisfaction! (8 x OUT)


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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