Nice Letter, Sacramento.

I was not aware the new Sacramento objective was to settle a $77,000,000 debt obligation ahead of saving the team?  Of course the city can feel justified to interfere with carefully worded letter, but to what end?  This turn of events is unfortunate, makes an acrimonious situation worse, and a relocation to Anaheim more likely. 


If you want to assume the worst in others and see the worst in others, that’s what you are bound to get.   Well played, John Dangberg.   You don't overcome someone else's reticence through implied character slights.  It just makes them more firm and resolute in their position, right or wrong, and unwilling to compromise.  Its fundamental to human nature that the more you push against another, the more they will resist. 

How is a divisive letter productive to help you to achieve your desired result, which is to save the team and protect the obligation due to city?  It doesn't help.  But if you want to express your displeasure, adopt nuisance role, cover your ass politically, satisfy your ego and good-riddance contingency, and stake a claim for the correctness of your point of view, then maybe a pointed letter helps you accomplish your goals. 

And bye-bye team.

If the Maloofs eventually defaulted on their loan, wouldn’t the City immediately pursue every legal course of action to recoup money owed? Of course they would, to the fullest extent of the law, plus damages.  Until then, it is a moot point.  To make demands including ceasing of negotiations based on a hypothetical default is clownish and desperate.  And won’t help to get them to stay.

There's a difference between a justified concern and expressing a justified concern through irrational requests that do not serve your end goal of harmonious business relationship.

It is easy to find flaw and potential flaws with a counter party, to assign culpability for wrongdoings.  It is easy to look to the past and cry foul.  It is easy to get down and dirty, and say he started it.  It takes maturity and vision rise above it and take inspired action for collective good.  These principles of communication apply to business and personal relationships of all kinds.

Those involved in politics and law like the individual who drafted the letter are so entrenched in status quo way of exchange; they think they are justified in their position.  Even if he is, and he isn't, this form of communication leads nowhere desirable.  All you have to do is look at the legal and political system and its record of gridlock, infighting, and squandered resources as blatant indicators of a broken process and ineffective participants.

I don't particularly like the Maloofs, and certainly not fond of their recent actions and inaction, but I don't like them any less for their (Joe's) heated reply. 

There are enough complexities, potential entanglements and financial hurdles to relocation of an NBA franchise to a flooded market that it may very well unravel of its own accord.  The city needs to be opportunistic in this regard, not burn bridges beyond repair. 



(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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