The View From Section 205

Yesterday in the Fanshots STR member Robwsd posted that he couldn't make the Kings game and was willing to give the tickets away for free if you meet him in Lodi. Since free is me, I hauled ass to the Flag City where 5 and 12 meet. We shook hands (Congrats by the way) and then I hauled ass to Arco Power Balance Pavilion. I arrived to the arena, found my brother (I called him while I was hauling ass to Lodi to meet Rob), parked, bought a beer, found the seats and only missed the tip.

The seats were in Section 205 which is in the Northwest corner of the arena. Not the greatest seats because they were in a corner, but I can't complain because they were free. (Once again, thanks Rob) Here's the View from Section 205.

- Rob asked whoever claimed the seats that they had to participate in the chants.

Only thing is you have to promise to participate in every one of the "Here We Stay" and "Sac-Ra-Mento" chants. Will you help support our Kings in my absence?

Now I can't speak for everyone in the lower sections but I heard the "Here We Stay" and "Sac-Ra-Mento" chants in my area and I participated in the chanting. I agree with other STR's we need to do better here. The chants last night didn't last once they were started. I realize that last night that a lot of the fans were scattered throughout the arena and with the music blaring and that idiot screaming into his microphone on the court that you probably couldn't hear the chants, but we have to remember to chant the Here We Stay chants during timeouts and when the game is being played and there isn't any music playing.

- As discussed last night, there was an annoying fan with a Anaheim sign in the lower section. This guy was lucky he was escorted out of the building last night by security, because I thought for sure the guy behind him was going to pound him into the pavement.

- According to the Yahoo boxscore there was 12,286 fans in the building last night. From my view over the court that sounds about right. Fans last night were pretty scattered throughout the lower and upper sections of the arena.

- I pulled a Pookey last night and explained to my brother why a call against the Kings was the right call. I felt dirty, but had to pay homage to Pookey.

Some pictures from last night. Sorry for the quality of some of the pictures.


Just to give you an image of how far up I was, I was eye level with Mitch Richmond. 


I saw these group of fans holding "Here We Stay" signs and knew I had to take pictures of them. I should have known one of the guys is a STR member


I thought the new court name looked ridiculous because it was different color than the actual court. Notice the white outline? 


I never noticed this before, but JT looks like my father trying to pick up the newspaper while shooting free throws. 


Section 214!!!! 

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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