Here We Stay Night 2: This One's For Us

The title says it all. This one is indeed for us, the fans. While we may not be able to control most things in this relocation saga, we can continue to show why we are still one of the best fanbases in the NBA. We'll continue to support our team and Here We Stay would like to use the OKC game on April 11th to celebrate just that.

The first Here We Stay night was a great community event and we did a great job at showing the Maloof brothers that we were serious about keeping our team and gave them, and everyone really, a good walk down memory lane. Arco rocked again and the 6th man helped the team get the W. If you were there, you know it was truly a special night. While we would love to replicate that, we understand this is a different night. We still want to make it special and we want to continue creating memories. I personally want to enjoy this night as a fan, have a great time, and show my team, my city, and the rest of the league, why the SACRAMENTO Kings fans are still the best in the world.

Here We Stay would love to share this with 17,000 crazy fans. Hope you can all join us.

As we are less than 2 weeks away, the planning needs to begin now. Just like last time, we want to use social media to continue to spread the word when it comes to selling more tickets, coordinating the chants, making signs, posters, banners, etc. Let's use this thread as the official planning thread (if that's ok with all editors of the site).


First things first, we have to try to sell more tickets. Another packed house would be awesome. This time (after so many bad news) it's going to be extremely tough but we can continue to try and push for a sell out. There are still plenty of good seats and while I don't doubt the Kings will have some good deals coming up, we can still do our part by spreading the word ourselves. Whenever you see Here We Stay on twitter talking about our effort, retweet. When you see a post about the game on Facebook, 'like' it or comment on it and show you're attending. We also have a faceboook event setup (here). Show that you are attending (even if maybe you're not ;) ). Tell your family, friends, co workers, everyone. The more people that know about this, the better. As the game gets closer, we'll make a stronger push to help us get some momentum.

A big reason why the first game was so successful was because of the great people that donated money to buy tickets for those who couldn't afford it. While, due to logistic issues, we didn't get a fund going this time, I propose using this thread to connect some people. If you're willing to buy tickets for others, post here and connect with someone. Maybe exchange emails and see if something can be worked out. Obviously, we can't guarantee how this is going to work and we can't monitor all this but I'd just like to open this forum to maybe work something out.

Another idea I had was to get more groups of fans together in sections. Say you still haven't gotten your tickets but you will soon. Why not drop a line here and see if others are willing to buy them with you and sit together. This could help spread StR fans around the arena and have these groups lead the chants and pretty much lead your sections in making noise and going crazy. Just a thought I had.

Here's the link to buy tickets without transaction fees:


Chants for the first night were good and a lot of them were successful, but we did make them a little complicated to follow. This time, we'll simplify it. We have been thinking of using just the "Sa-Cra-Me-To" and the "Here-We-Stay" chants. Depending on what kind of news we get between today and April 11th, we may decide to use something instead of "Here-We-Stay." For now, though, that's what we are looking at. As for when we'll chant? Whenever we can, as much as we can. The best time to get this started is during FTs as everyone is quiet and no music is going. This time we'll make it more spontaneous. That's why we need a lot of fans to sit around the arena and lead the chants.

We also have not decided if we want to have fliers this time. With only two easy-to-understand chants we may not need to spend the time effort in passing out fliers. As long as we spread the word around and we stay loud and active, we should be ok. What do you all think?

Signs, posters, banners, and cowbells!!

A lot of you got some of these at HWS 1, so bring them back. If you don't have any, let's start working on making signs. Big, small, black and white, or colors... doesn't matter. Let's fill the place with signs showing our support for our team. If you want to make a bunch of signs and share them with others, drop a line here. Not sure if we'll be getting some more signs this time but we'll communicate about that with all of you that are attending.

And the cowbells!!! For HWS 1, Arco/PBP security helped us out a lot with this. There were plenty of people that sneaked some cowbells in the building and it would be awesome to do this again. Hide them at the bottom of the purse, inside the jacket, wherever. Let's get the cowbells back... if possible.

Get together after?

A couple of us on twitter thought it may be a nice idea to get together after the game and hang out for a bit. We know it's Monday so that's tough, but if you're interested we can plan something out. BJs in Natomas is always a nice spot to go after games. Players usually show up there too. I may be asking for Tuesday off from work for that reason so if you'd like to join let us know.

As I said let's use this thread to throw some ideas out there. Let us know you'll be there and let's plan on making it a great night. I will add more stuff in the thread as more ideas develop.

Let's be honest, this could be the last night that we are all together in that building cheering for our team. I still hope and dream and I WILL NOT GIVE UP, no matter how many laugh at me or tell me to stop my "mythological fight;" but also understand how serious this situation is. If this is the last night I have at Arco/PBP rooting for my team, I plan on making it memorable but for that I need your help.

We want this night to be a party and IF we go out, we want to go out on top, the way we deserve. We can't control the outcome of our situation but we can make a stand and continue to show the quality of people Sacramento has. The Maloofs heard us, our politicians heard us, the rest of the league is hearing us still; now let's hear ourselves and let's be proud for what we are, for what we stand, and for what we have accomplished. Hopefully this will not be our last night together, but it will surely be one more great memory.

Here We Stay!

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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