Stern should be fined; Magoofs have backed themselves into corner

First, from the reports about David Stern's comments before and during Mayor Johnson's presentation, where is his apology and fine?  I won't defend Kobe or homophobia but he had to apologize for something insensitive and was promptly fined $100K by the commissioner.  At a time when you're promoting the departure of the second long-term franchise in less than three years with the looming departure of a team you had to buy so it wouldn't be put on fire sale, wouldn't you be a little more sensitive about how you discuss the situation which affects millions of peoples lives?  According to Amick, "When KJ told Stern he had a possible buyer, the commish made crack about it being a local car dealer."

"That's not a high priority on our agenda," Stern said of Burkle's proposal, which would seem to be a high priority for those interested in keeping the team in Sacramento.

"In light of the history in Sacramento, that's usually an eye-roller," Stern said. "But it was a good presentation. ... So it was just felt that ... we should delve a little bit more to understand what its ramifications are."

Who made Stern god?  You discussing a huge economic issue with the Berkeley-educated mayor of the capital city of the largest state in the union.  You can't treat him like one of your expendable players and he deserves your respect.  If anything, he deserves more because he helped build the franchise as an all-star player during the enormous growth period of the league. You can fine Phil Jackson for discussing CBA and Kobe for making a slur but you can compare Sacramento to a user car and an eye roller while many serious people including legislators are working toward fixing this disaster that you created?

I never thought somebody could challenge the incompetency of the legendary Bud Selig, but Stern just eclipsed him.  He has single-handedly devasted college basketball with the idiotic one and done rule (why not either out of high school or three years in college like baseball rule.)  His three month playoffs almost necessitate that any serious contender take games during the "regular" season off to prepare for the real season and it shows with so many professional games looking like players are just showing up which drives away fans as much as the inflated ticket prices.

And now, most importantly, without any level of revenue sharing which even baseball has, he has created an atmosphere where only big TV markets and new arenas make viable franchises.  Let's triple up in the top 10 cities and relocate franchises from everywhere else.  I'm going to consider this offer seriously by removing anybody with potential conflict, Jerry Buss, and replace him with Clay Bennett who is still a four-letter word in Seattle but remain neutral on the issue.  I think it is time for Congress people to get involved with the anti-trust obligations of the National Basketball Association. 

If Burkle's offer were to be given serious consideration, the Maloofs have no leg to stand on.  If their argument is that Sacramento is not a financially viable place and they do not have the financial wherewithal to remain, then they need to sell to a billionaire like Burkle.  Having sold the bread and butter beer distributorship and with the Palms hemorraging debt, where exactly is the revenue to pay players and run a franchise coming from?  The NBA does not need to another GM style bailout and getting a loan from Samueli is only a temporary solution.  Trying to carve some scratch out of someone else's saturated market in Los Angeles is just another form of welfare that does build or help the league in the long-term.

If the Maloofs are really financially on strong footing then why do they need to move?  Mayor Johnson has presented a viable plan to build an entertainment complex and a very successful businessman (not just an inheritee) is itching to get involved in this top 20 TV regional market where basketball is a professional monopoly in sports and entertainment.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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