My Experience with the Maloofs at the BoG

I was the one Kings fans yesterday at the BoG meeting. I've been collecting my thoughts over the last day and getting past the initial excitement of actually seeing the Maloofs and having them read my sign ("Sacramento Never Gave Up on the Kings, Don't Give Up on Us"). I just wanted to share my story of the experience as it has made me feel a good deal better about the team staying in Sac.

After waiting outside with the Sacramento media for three hours, I saw not ONE owner enter or exit the St. Regis. Then around noon, all hell broke loose as the guy from KXTV spotted the Maloofs (George, Gavin, Joe) down the street. Tony from SacBee had told me that on Thursday, the owners were coming in and out of the door we were camped by, so it must have been the most direct one for the owners to their meeting room. The Maloofs had surprised us as they had snuck out a side door and were trying to locate their driver, sort of unsuccessfully as we intercepted them easily.

This is notable because they left the meeting first, before any other owners. They wanted out of there. They were defeated and they knew it. I'm not an expert on body language or anything, but they moved and acted like they had not met their objectives for the two days and were escaping.

The guys from the Sac media effectively cornered George and Joe who were defiantly saying "hogwash" and "go back to where he came from." Gavin was separated and was standing next to me. He acknowledged me, shook my hand, and thanked me for coming out. I wished him "good luck" and encouraged him to "do the right thing". Then, almost instantly, their car was found and they were piling in and taking off. During the whole thing, they did not want to be there, not because they didn't want to talk to the press, but because they were embarrassed.

Gavin's interaction with me was weird. He acted like I was a "friend". After being out-classed and embarrassed in the meeting, maybe a lowly Sacramento Kings fan was the closest he could get to a supporter at that moment. His acknowledgement and smiles to me tells me he was happy I was there.

All this just makes me think more and more that:

1. The Maloofs are uncomfortable among their ownership peers
2. They were outclassed and outgunned by KJ
3. They want someone else to make this all too important decision for them

Unfortunately, daddy can't make everything better for them at this point. Instead, the NBA Relocation Committee will play the part of the family decision-maker over the course of the next two weeks and relieve the brothers of their business ineptitude.

Happy to do my small part while living in NYC,
Matt from Auburn

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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