The Relocation Committee Needs to Hear From YOU!

Now is the time to increase our efforts, Kings fans!  The Relocation Committee is in full appraisal mode of Sacramento and Anaheim.  Lets continue to offer positive, constructive and persuasive ideas to sway sentiment back to our city!!!

Now is not the time to sit back and wait idly for Major KJ, and to think the future of our franchise is solely in his hands.

If you have not already, please take action and be heard!!!  (If anyone has direct email contacts for the first five names, please add in comments below)   

As originally posted by Ziller, here again is the contact information of the Seven Relocation Committee members:


Mickey Arison:

Glen Taylor:


Peter Holt:


Ed Snider:

Greg Miller:


As inspiration, this is the letter I sent to the seven above individuals earlier today:

Dear Sir:


You have an important recommendation to make to fellow NBA owners in the coming days regarding the Kings possible relocation request to Anaheim.  I respectfully offer my perspective for your consideration.

I have been a San Diego resident for 7 years.  I have been a passionate Sacramento Kings for over 25 years, having spent 15 years of my youth there.   Thanks to NBA League Pass, I never miss a game.  If the Kings move to Anaheim, I will be a 60 to 90 minute drive to the Honda Center.

As a loyal and passionate Kings fan, you might conclude I would welcome the opportunity to see the team in person.  If the relocation is approved, I can easily afford to make several trips per season to see my favorite players in person: MT23, Big Cuz, Reke and Omri Casspi.  I promise you this will not occur. 

I do not want to see the team move.  I do not want this relocation to occur.  I urge you to deny the Maloofs potential request to move, or at least make it highly prohibitive for them to do so.  The Kings belong in Sacramento. 

I have been a loyal, faithful, and supportive to this team for many enjoyable but lean years. If the Maloofs are allowed to betray that loyalty and support from myself and their entire fan base by deserting a deserving and viable city for NBA basketball, all the goodwill built over the years will be highly diminished. 

I will not begrudge the players, and continue to root for them.  However I will not implicitly support the Maloofs’ decision to act so callously and negligently.  I will not contribute to the Maloofs revenue through purchase of Royals tickets.  Even though I am no longer a resident of Sacramento, please understand that the owner’s decision to turn their back on Sacramento would weigh most heavily on my use of discretionary income.

Anaheim will make the case they can draw from the San Diego market.  San Diego is a baseball and football city.  We love our Padres and Chargers.  San Diego does not and would not identify with the Royals as our team anymore than we identify with Disneyland as our theme park. My friends and sports fan acquaintances have little to no enthusiasm over the prospects of the Royals of the NBA in Anaheim.   

The last game in Sacramento was incredible, particularly the 4th quarter.  Games like the season finale against the Lakers should and can occur for years to come.   Rivalries like this one promote continual interest and intrigue in your league.  The NBA is built on competition.  This deep-rooted passion and enthusiasm should be valued, not destroyed.  Don’t let this rivalry come to end.  Don’t turn your back on Sacramento.

Alternate viable solutions are emerging.  City leaders are mobilizing. New arena momentum is building.  Real optimism over an exciting, talented young Kings team is justified.  Please do what it is in your power of influence to recognize these circumstances, to promote franchise stability, and to take appropriate action in the best long term interest of the Sacramento Kings and the NBA.

Thank you very much for your careful consideration.


Sincerely yours,

Sacramento Kings in 2012 and decades to come!!!


EMAIL Toteboard:  500 or Bust


Relocation Committee Needs to Hear From Us Today

500. Bench_blob

499. LLTG

498 Bald Matt

497. League Pass Addict

496. Edm_7

495. Aykis16

494. Otis29

493. Between the Eyes

492. Rik Smits

491. Kings Fan

490. Chenp22

489. Soccer Bum

488. Phuture Kings

487. Gunrock

486. Section214










(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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