My interperatation of what went down.....

Filling in the blanks based on people's actions and words here is what I think is going on.


The Maloofs took a sharp direction to move the team what seems to be right around the time the Icon group entered the picture. The Maloofs would tell you that they were sick of waiting for an arena and felt like it would not get built. However the Icon group is the best in the business. If one were to be built they will do it, so why turn away right when the best chance enters the picture?

Before the Icon group the Maloofs and KJ were on good terms, each saying the right thing. That drastically changed again, when the Icon group entered the picture. Why?

It's my belief that the Maloof's intentions were to move all along. Sacramento is too small and they need the cash from a TV deal. They were saying all the right things to make sure business stayed good until the moment was right. Then a wrenched was thrown into their plans, the Icon group. They knew if the Icon group got a new arena built the NBA would not let them move then the fans would revolt when they did not spend all this free agent cash they keep promising to spend this off-season, because unlike a lot of owners, the Maloofs need the Kings to be moneymakers. Can't do that with high salaries.

So the Maloofs sped their plans up before the Icon group could take hold. KJ even pointed out that teams usually give a draw the line in the sand date. The Maloofs never did that for Sacramento. Intead they withheld papers to the Icon group making sure their progress was slow as possible while they got their plan to move in place. KJ gets hold of their plans and gets pissed. He starts talking about the Maloofs being gone in a good riddence tone. Smart move by KJ as I think he had the Maloofs fooled into thinking he gave up (and me too) while he manuevered behind the scenes. KJ went to business and got an additional 7 million promised. How come the Maloofs could not do this? KJ got a billionaire to say he'd buy the team or move another team here. KJ knows Stern likes the billionaires. Don't you think Stern is thinking, 'hey we could have another billionaire owner in this league in Sacramento, that's a pretty good thing for my league'. The Maloofs by all appearances are sinking in debt.

That's why the Maloofs were so mad after the meeting. It's my belief they will sell if the move is blocked. They are pissed that KJ and the Icon group got their stuff together at the very last minute to, what looks like, block this move. If KJ and Icon present the NBA with the right info I don't think the NBA will allow a move. It suits the NBA better to have the Kings here as opposed to have three teams in one market. So it's conceivable that Sacramento will get the new arena, keep the Kings, and have a new billionaire owner by the next time the NBA plays games (who knows when that is). That sounds pretty good to me.

Here's to hoping.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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