Maloof Playbook #3: File & Cross Fingers

Listen I love to speculate, so if you care to join me for some more pure speculation then read on...


Two things are pretty clear to us all right now. These two things are the premise for most of my conjecture.

  1. The NBA, while no official announcement has been made, is favoring the franchise remaining in Sacramento for at least one more year instead of allowing it to move to Anaheim.
  2. The Maloofs are absolutely silent right now and have been for four full days since the LA Times article.

Why are they so quiet?

Did they need to see the deposits before deciding? No, if that were the case we probably should have heard from them after yesterdays meeting.

Do they need more time to plan their gracious return to the Capitol City? I argue that while this could have some truth to it, it's likely another NO. Consensus seems to believe that the sooner the Maloofs get back on board with Sacramento, the better chances they have at saving some face.

Are they still evaluating their options? I don't think the operative word "evaluating" is correct here. That would make it seem like they were weighing Anaheim vs. Sacramento still. It sounds like that choice is being made for them by the NBA.

Today, I'm placing my bet on stubborn. In the same manner of Gavin, when he said "We're not for sale, it's that simple." I'm going to go out on a limb and say if there will be owners in the NBA with the surname Maloof next season that it will only be in the case of a franchise move to Anaheim.

The NBA is saying: "Sacramento can work, go back there for one year and try it out for real"

The Maloofs are thinking: "The only way we can survive is in a place like Anaheim where OUR business model works and where we have very little control and responibility associated with running and operating an arena. We need all business aspects of our business to be handled by someone else so we can make a little money. When we do it ourselves, we don't make enough money."

So this gives us a super stalemate to watch unfold. When the NBA Board of Governers reconvene on or near May, 2nd to see what is going to officially happen before the deadline. I fully expect the Maloofs to file and cross their fingers in the hopes that they somehow pull 16 votes against the recommendation of the league and also the relocation committee.

If and only if after the league backs up Sacramento, which is still no certaintly, will they start to listen to Burkle. There is zero chance the Maloofs are our owners next season here in Sacramento. The Maloofs will file and pray. It's THEIR only chance to survive as owners. They can't make it work here, they haven't made it work here. And as of today, they appear to not WANT to make it work here.

The Sacramento Bee is already back into full smear mode. Why exactly did Clay Bennett meet with them again? It certainly wasn't to muzzle the Bee which is what I thought the meeting was for. Is the local media being tasked to take their slant against the Maloofs to the next level?

The silence speaks volumes. Now today we learn that the Maloofs "expected this to sail" through the BoG meeting. Perhaps they were underprepared. Want to guess what they are doing now? I DO! I DO! I think they are preparing a new Anaheim pitch. Anaheim hasn't exactly folded either. Anaheim and the OC Register are holding their cards close to their vests now. They have to because KJ has shown them the way to dance.

PREDICTION: The Maloofs are finalizing a (insert very loose usage of the word "better") pitch to BoG of how Anaheim still makes sense. They are going to try and have a flash in the pan closing statement before the vote in an attempt to clear up any doubts and knock the BoG's proverbial socks off, file for relocation, and pray that their new pitch can capture some votes back in their favor. If and when they are sure they can't move, then it's Burkle time. They are gone, whether the Kings stay or not.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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