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After the Beasely post bombed, I understand the consensus opinion is basically We don't need an offensive player who is a below average rebounder and defender. I've decided to make another which feels a little silly. It seems like every post somehow is connected to the SF hole so why not make one designated to it?

Now there are a lot of potential SF's for the Kings:

1. Carlos Delfino

Gettable because he has been injury prone and consistently inconsistent. Would be an upgrade over current SF because he is a better defender and playmaker.Would cost Omri Casspi

2. Luc Richard Mbah a Moute

Gettable because he is restricted free agent.Would be an upgrade because he is one of the best defenders in the league. Capable of guarding any position well. Would cost 3-4 million, but the Bucks will probably do everything to resign him because he is a Scott Skiles favorite and is the best defender on a top 3 defensive team. 

3.Marvin WIlliams

Gettable given his contract and lack of improvement. Would be an upgrade because of defense, athleticism, mid range shooting. Would cost second round pick, but ATL would have to send 2-3 million. 

4. Josh Smith

Gettable because ATL needs to move Al Horford to PF and we can provide a center in Samuel Dalembert.  Would be an improvement because of shot blocking, size, athleticism, playmaking, ball handling, and rebounding. Would cost Dalemebert, Casspi, and JT.

5. Jeff Green

Gettable because he is a restricted free agent and Boston doesn't have money to resign him. Would be an improvement because of his size, defense, scoring ability, and versatility.

6. Tayshaun Prince

Gettable because he is an unrestrictive free agent. Would be an improvement because of excellent defense, size, length, athleticism, and passing. Would cost 6-7 million.

7. Danny Granger 

Not available because he is the Pacers best player on a team friendly contract. The Kings don't have any deal they can provide unless Tyreke or DeMarcus are on the table.

8. Paul George

Not available because he is a young building block, excellent defense on Rose, room for improvement. Plus the Kings don't have a lot they can offer the Pacers.

9. Josh Childress

Gettable given his contract and very disappointing season. Would be an improvement because of his size, rebounding, energy, effort, defense, and length. Would cost second round pick with PHX paying 3 million.

10. Andre Iguodala 

Not available because of his importance to present and future of the 76ers, Evan Turner's largely disappointing season, and Kings have nothing to offer unless they get a top 2 pick in the draft. 

11. Wilson Chandler

Unavailable. The Knicks want Chandler back. Chandler wants back in. The Knicks can offer Landry Fields in a sign in trade or sign whom the Nuggets were originally interested in anyways. Chandler wants to win and the Kings would really have to show him the money to sign him. 

12.Shane Battier 

Maybe. The Kings could get him in a sign and trade for JT, but he likely does not want to be in a rebuilding situation and would most definitely prefer to be on a contender. I see him resigning with Memphis, but let's do this for the hell of it. Would be an improvement because of DEFENSE, size, experience, smarts, passing, and teamwork. Would cost JT. I think Memphis could be interested given that they almost traded Mayo to the Pacers for Josh McRoberts

13. Trevor Ariza

Leaning towards unavailable. He is one of the Hornet's most important players. He's come up big in the playoffs. He is New Orleans best defender and one of their only scoring threats. I say no because if they are attempting to convince CP3 to stay, it looks a helluva lot better with Ariza on than JT or Omri or even both. 

14. Jared Dudley

Unavailable. Dudley is signed to a team friendly contract and has been huge for PHX. Currently, he is basically their only option at SG. The Kings don't have another guard to offer and so I'd say PHX isn't interested.

15. Andre Kirilenko

Unavailable. Kirilenko is a free agent, but there is 0 incentive for him to come to Sacramento. He has suitors that will guarantee him job security and a prominent role on a competitive team. 

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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