Welcoming the Sacramento Aces?



Ok, bear with me.  I think many of us are coming to terms with the loss of the Kings and, while hopeful of something falling apart, consider the Kings as pretty much gone.  But I am not here to argue that point.

I am here to discuss alternate options.  I believe in concurrent planning so that, if all else fails, there is a back up plan.  So here is my back up plan.  It is really an alternate option.

And that isn’t an option of accepting Sacramento as a place without a basketball team.  Which means there is really seems to be only one other viable option if the Kings leave.  The New Orleans Hornets.  They are for sale and in need of a new place to call home.  New Orleans just isn’t supporting the team and it is losing money.


That can’t be said for the Kings here.  They have been making money and this region is likely poised to better support a team with a new arena. It also makes sense for a number of reasons.  Here is some of why it is feasible.   


We have current NBA owners in Sacramento.  These are the minority owners of the Kings who could sell off their share of the Kings to Samueli and invest in the new team. We have a City that will have at least $25 million and ownership of an arena that needs a new tenant.  Without an NBA team the existing arena just isn’t viable financially.  The City will need a major tenant. 


The New Orleans franchise is estimated to be worth $287 million.  Just under half of that amount could be paid by the existing Kings minority owners if convinced to invest and the rest can be financed either through bonds giving the City majority ownership of the team or some similar approach.  There are billionaires in Sacramento and some of them need some good PR.  The community will love them for it. Get them to buy into the team. It is doable. 


The NBA owns the Hornets and is getting major flack from other owners for what is a conflict of interest.  They need to sell the team and what better place than an area with a proven NBA fan base and no other major sports as competition.


I think that there is clear momentum toward keeping an NBA team in Sacramento, but I have increasingly serious doubts about it being the Kings.  I say we as a City, Region, and Community buy the Hornets and name them the Aces.  Cause pocket Aces beats Kings. 


Given the loss of the Kings being more and more concrete a reality, I think it is worth considering.  I would love to see Chris Paul in Sacramento.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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