Getting Past the Invective

Well, crap.

Like it or not, the Maloof family still owns the Kings.  Ron Burkle has not been able to deliver us from the clutches of the Maloof clan (at least not yet), and they are sure to demand a seat at the table when KJ and Taylor/ICON start seriously going over the plans.

If one were to listen to the brothers on their various media opportunities today, you would think that they are completely and totally committed to making a new ESC project work in Sacramento.   Or at least, so they say.

But are they believable?  What in their track record would convince us, as fans, to believe that they will actually work to the benefit of the citizens of the Greater Sacramento Area, when everything we had been reading prior to today indicated that their hearts (and their wallets) were dedicated to Anaheim?

Unfortunately, we are going to have to trust them to act in good faith, at least in the short term.  This is not our choice, and I’m fairly certain it ain’t theirs either, but it’s what David Stern and the NBA’s relocation committee deemed to be so, and so it shall be.

I must admit to still being volcanically pissed off at the Maloofs for the way in which they have conducted themselves in the past two months, but I realize that at least for now, I must learn to put that anger aside and to look toward the bigger picture. 

I just hope that the Maloof family will do likewise.  I listened to the interviews today, and I have to state now that I am not encouraged, and they sound just as butthurt today as they have sounded all throughout this relocation debacle. 

We, as a fan base and a community, have now been given the ultimatum.  We are now also being required to work with what some would call our collective sworn enemy in order to bring about the salvation of our team. 

Good luck to all of us, and may G-d help us when we get weak, because there’s gonna be moments of weakness in this upcoming year when it’ll be so easy to start tossing around anti-Maloof invective here and elsewhere.  Let’s hope that we can appeal to our better angels and control that urge from time to time – I know I’ll certainly try.

But Peaches is still a tool, and he’ll always deserve the Full Monty from us.  That ain’t changing any time soon.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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