Shit or Shinola?

It really is all about knowing the difference between the two…  It is just raw sewage or has somebody taken a load of shit and done something positive with it.  See, this is what I think is the problem with the Maloofs.  They have lost the ability to tell the difference.  That have gotten so wrapped up in thinking they can spin any issue any way they want and can put out shit instead of shinola.


Maybe it is the Vegas mentality that is sinking in where glitz and glamour trumps the genuine human qualities and real world realities.  Maybe their love affair with the land of fake breast and implants has cause a really serious medical condition, cranial/rectal inversion. 

Cause the shit ain’t even shined and they try to pass it of as Grade A fertilizer.  The problem is raw fertilizer burns you.  It scorches the earth and kills even seeds so they can’t grow.  And Sacramento has been badly scorched.  Fans have been burned by the offerings of shit that lacked even the bare minimum of shinola.

On the face of it you would think there would be few better to run an NBA team.  Somebody grounded in Vegas and beginning to enter into Hollywood should understand how to put some gloss on five guys, hardwood, and market it to the moon.  Unfortunately, the face did a plant and it wasn’t just some crappy skateboard event.  A team that has been a huge center piece for a community that puts up with too much shit and too little shinola has been brought to a very low point.

You can say Sacramento is a cowtown, but what that ignores is that we Sacramentans sit in the center of some of the craziest politics in this country.  It has a large population who are used to seeing how the hype and talk of politicos ends up being either shit or shinola.  It is a population that either loves this or is sick and tired of it, more the latter in my mind, but either way they see through the shit that is dished out and can call it what it is.

That is why the Maloofs may not be able to repair their damaged relationship with this community.  It takes more than just media spin or a luncheon with corporate supporters.  It takes more that just trying to pawn off some second rate line about how they love the fans. 

PR won’t do it by itself because the diehard fans will see through it.  They will just tolerate owners who have so completely dissed Sacramento, and them, if they don’t further crap on this town, and them.  Hopefully many will see that supporting this franchise is not the same thing as supporting the Maloofs.  Owners of franchises come and go.  Sacramento can wait on the Maloofs to leave. 

And they will.  They can't, IMO, co-exist.  Because Sacramento and the Maloofs are just too different.  They just don’t fit.  It is more than just a cowtown.  It is a town filled with people that see through the shit.  And by all accounts this is a problem for the Maloofs because they seem, by all appearances, to be filled with nothing else. 

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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