Draft Prospects 2011 - Pre-lotto edition

At this point in the game, it's pretty apparent this is a two horse race in the lotto. Irving + Williams. After that, it's a complete and total crapshoot. I want to start a dialogue on speculation of who the targets would be after those two players are off the board. If the Kings get the #3 pick? Who do you take? Knight? Walker? Vesely? Kanter? Bismack? It's an interesting conundrum. Who's the next best prospect for the Kings after Irving and Williams?

The next possible pick we have and the most likely is the #5 pick. Luckily it appears that the teams ahead of us have very different needs than we do. Wizards, Raptors, Cavs and Wolves. 


It's also very possible a team like the Jazz or Pistons could leapfrog us in the lotto pushing us down to #6 or #7. At that point who do you target?


I guess I want to see your top 7 big board. Irving and Williams are likely going to be interchangeable at the 1-2 spots, but list out the 3-7 picks you got and reason through why you rank such and such player where you do.


I'll start:


After doing some more research today on the draft(procrastinating studying) I think the next best prospect for the Kings is definitely Brandon Knight. He may take time to develop into the player we seek, but he kinda reminds me of a bigger, smarter, slightly better deep ball shooting Mike Conley. I even think he'll have a similar progression curve as Conley has had in the NBA. Just steady, incremental improvements each year. No quantum leaps. 


After Knight, I'd target Walker. I'm a sucker for shooters. Kemba is just a baller. I do prefer Knight to him at this point. But Kemba is a winner. He definitely reminds me of a shorter Jamal Crawford with a bit more 'point' in him. 


Next, I think Jan Vesely is an intriguing prospect. I think he has the potential of being a bigger, even more hyper version of Omri(if that's even possible). Kinda a cross between Casspi and Kirilenko. 


Next, JIMMER. Simply put, you can't have too many shooters. Shooting is at such a premium in the league and I can't think of a better shooter to come out in the draft since Curry(I even think Jimmer will be a more automatic deep threat during his career). My bias may be kicking in here, but I think Jimmer will be hovering well above 40% 3 point shooting for most his career. Being that he'll get a lot more uncontested looks in the pros than he did in college. His ability to create his own shot and hit contested shots consistently will be great attributes for whichever team lands him. He'll be one of those players who bails your team out as the shot-clock is winding down rather consistently. Also his marketability might be a huge incentive for the cash strapped Maloofs. 


Continuing down my big board list would be Bismack Biyombo. This is my complete boom or bust pick. I don't really dig any of the Euro bigs this year minus Bismack(the name alone sells me). None of them look like that 'IT' factor that will make them relevant in the league. Bisack is my Dalembert insurance. Between Hassan and Biyombo I'm hoping one of the two will develop 


So I guess that puts my Big board like this:


1) Irving

2) Williams

3) Knight

4) Walker

5) Vesely

6) Jimmer

7) Bismack


Your turn.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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