Kings offseason Sim League

I was wondering if there is enough interest to create a Kings offseason Sim League on WhatifSports. For those of you that do not know is a sim engine where you create your own teams and then it gets simmed out (2 games a day i think). Its alot like simming a season on a video game, except it is much more in depth with stat breakdowns. You control style of play, substitution patterns, how to deal with foul trouble etc etc. The site has 24 teams in each league.

So my idea was to create a league, starting right now in this offseason with the Kings roster. Basically everyone would get to make their own offseason moves that we have all been talking about since the season ended and play it out against each other. We get to see, basically which offseason moves work out the best, in a simulation that is. Things would be different since our Kings sim teams woud not be playing against the rest of the NBA, we would be playing against everyone elses personalized Kings teams.

We could do it against a hard cap, making realistic moves, and all transactions would have to be passed by the league. For example, I trade the 7 pick for LeBron James, would be shut down in a second. That brings me to the 7 pick, since the site only allows players stats in previous season, obviously we cant use any actual rookies. My idea would be to give 4 options for the rookies.

Jimmer Fredette would become a JR Smith

Bismark Biyombo would become Serge Ibaka

Kawhi Leonard would become Thabo Sepolosha

Kemba Walker would become Ben Gordon

Or you can trade the pick in a realistic trade.

The other thing to strongly take into consideration in the league, is that players can only play the amount of minutes they played in the season you are using them from. So since Cousins only has 1 possible year, he can play a max of 28-30 mpg. Evans, Casspi, Greene, Dalembert would all be used from previous seasons, since they played more minutes (what we would be hoping for next season). Evans in 09-10 played 33 mpg, so he can be used 33-35 mpg. Thornton takes the biggest hit only being allowed to play 23-25 mpg, using his 09-10 season, but thats just the way it would have to be, so depth and finding more minutes would be a key.

Here is what we would be starting with

An example of what an owner could do, pretty generic example, widely talked about on STR

Resign Thornton 7 million

Resign Dalembert 8 million

Trade the 7 pick, Udrih, and Casspi to Philly for Igoudala 13 million and Jodie Meeks 1 million

Sign FA Tayshaun Prince 5 million

remaining roster, Garcia 6 million, Evans 4 million, Cousins 4 million, Thompson 2 million, Greene 1 million, Jeter 1 million, Taylor 1 million

53 million total for a hard cap of maybe 60 million?

Another example would be...

Resign Thornton, let Dalembert go, draft Kemba Walker (a select Ben Gordon, have not looked at which year yet), sign Caron Butler and DeAndre Jordan.

So just reply here if there is interest or questions, I figured some die hard Kings fans might want to try being the GM and compete against each other to see who wins it all.  

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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