2011 Draft - Player Profiles

We have been talking about the top 10 or so prospects for the past few weeks but I thought I would also add my opinions regarding some players in the draft that will go later than 10 and also might be available when the Kings pick in the second round.

Bismack Biyombo (Spain, PF) - 7'6" wingspan - Wow. A block machine (5.4/40). Freak athlete. Can jump out of the gym. Zero offensive skills. Scores solely on hustle and offensive rebound putbacks. Solid rebounder. The stud defender of this draft.

Klay Thompson (Washington State, GF) - Smart player. Solid FT shooter (near 85%), classic shooter/scorer statline. Good steal rate, 40% 3-pt. shooter. Has NBA 3-pt range. Quick at the catch and shoot. Good body control. Can take his man off the dribble similar to Kevin Martin. Could be a nice pick for the Kings. Not a big SF though. K-Mart size.

Marshon Brooks (Providence, SG) - I have been watching him as much as I could this year since he scored 43 against Georgetown. He later scored 52 against Notre Dame. He is very impressive to watch. Averages 7.5 FTA per 40 mins. Excellent scoring ability. A great NBA body. He looks like Kobe Bryant's little brother. No kidding. He even plays in a VERY similar style. I will be watching Marshon in the NBA. I PRAY the Kings can somehow pick him up in the late first round. Most improved player in the NCAA imo.

Alec Burks (Colorado, G) - 8 FT per 40 mins.Very athletic. This sophomore guard can create his own shot and play a bit inside with the big boys similar to Bobby Jackson. Big time scoring combo-guard that is asked to score at Colorado. Could turn into a very nice player in the NBA. A bit undersized for a SG at 6'4". Gets to the rim fairly easily. Not a good 3-pt shooter at only 29.2% but has a nice stroke so it will improve.

Jordan Hamilton (Texas, SF) - Pretty much the only option on offense at Texas yet the Longhorns won 27 games. He shows a good rebounding rate for a small forward and can find the open man when double teamed. Very good spot-up 3-pt shooter. Mature for his age and he Improved well in his 2nd year. No reason he can't continue to get better, but he will need too to become a starter in the NBA.

Tobias Harris (Tennessee, F) - Solid, fundamental player. Can finish with either hand. Good spot up shooter. Very fluid on the court. Not a special athlete but better than average at the college level. High basketball IQ. Can post up similar size players. Not a defensive beast by any means.

Tristan Thompson (Texas, F/C) - Great offensive rebounder at FIVE per 40 minutes played. Also gets to the line at a great rate of 9.4 times per 40 due to scrappiness around the basket. Very good shot blocker (3/40) for his height due to a 7'2 wingspan. Raw on offense and a bit undersized. Has potential. Guarded centers in college. Could have a lot of trouble vs NBA power forwards.

Darius Morris (Michigan, PG) - The Andre Miller of the new millenium? Doubtful. Darius (sophomore) is still very raw. It could take him years to reach Andre's level but he has some skills. He shot just under 50% from the field, dished out nearly 8 assists per 40 mins and had a very impressive assist/TO rate of 2.28. He is great at the draw and kick and runs the pick and roll very well. As a raw sophomore, it could take him a while to reach starter status if he ever makes it quite that far.

Kenneth Faried (Morehead State, PF) - An athletic, high flying power player? Undersized at around 6'7". Should be a valuable reserve and if he can find any sort of jump shot could worm his way into a startinig lineup someday. Very good defensive player and has active hands. Played for a small division I school. Very quick jumper. Dunks with flair.

Ben Hansbrough (Notre Dame, PG) - Big East player of the year (beating out Kemba Walker). Hard-nosed player. Good size at 6'3". Very good 3-pt shooter at 43% this season and a 4-year career 3-pt% of 40.5. Low turnover rate. Great off the dribble and off screens shooter. Above average FG shooter at 48%. Not a player likely to be an instant starter in the NBA, but could end up improving in a few years to become a solid back-up who can hit any open shot and run the second unit. Fantastic at the pick-n-roll....sound interesting at #60 or possibly #35?

Iman Shumpert (Georgia Tech, SG) - Crafty athlete. Took on the offensive load and did respectable but nothing amazing. He is a "dreaded" combo-guard. Can play the point. Fantastic steal rate of 3.4 per 40 is due to his quickness and anticipation. Poor 3-pt shooter. Barely over 40% FG shooter. More of a slasher/scorer.

Jerome Richardson (Illinois, SF) - Though it doesn't show it in his limited stats, he is a good passer. Solid rebounder and a tough player. Good athelete though not much for defense. A raw freshman coming out early. Could be worth a look in the second round.

Isaiah Thomas (Washington, PG) - BIG improvement in the assist department at nearly 8 a game per 40 minutes. A/TO over 2. Good FG% for his size (5'10") at 44.5. For a tiny guard he is capable at driving to the basket and drawing fouls. He shoots a surprising 7.5 FTA per 40 minutes. Defense is obviously the problem here and withougt great quickness or athleticism, I don't see Thomas being more than a fundamental point to run a second unit.

Kyle Singler (Duke, SF) - Really, Kyle is pretty much just a shooter. He only shoots 43% from the field and has a career 3-pt average of 36%. Nothing to go ape over. As a 23 y.o. senior I don't see much potential. Hardnosed and intelligent. He does what he can do. Not one for the highlight reel. Dependable for what he does do. Not a great athelete or defender, I don't see him being much more than a decent back-up in the NBA.

Chris Singleton (Florida State, F) - One of the better defenders in the draft. Long arms and quick reflexes helps him get an amazing 2.7 steals per 40 minutes. Add to that over 2 blocks a game and you have a solid defender. Offense is still very raw and is only an average 3-pt shooter and post up player.

Charles Jenkins (Hofstra, G) - Sean Singletary anyone? Jenkins played his ass off at Hofstra. Hoff what? Exactly. Has upside: 42% 3-pt shooter, 7 FTA per game, Assist/TO ratio over 2.0, shoots over 50% from the field. Still, even with the positives, he is a 6'2 1/2", average speed and athleticism, combo guard. I could be wrong, but I don't see an NBA future for him unless he becomes a real ace with the long ball.

Tyler Honeycutt (UCLA, SF) - Low scoring sophomore at 14.6 points per 40 minutes. He only gets to the line about 3.7 times/40. Good shot blocker (2.4/40) at 6'8" and long but his FG% (40.6) and steal rate (1.0/40) dropped dramatically in his second season.

Rick Jackson (Syracuse, F/C) - Decent back to the basket player. Has a nice hook shot. Very good defensive player averaging 1.5 steals and nearly 3 blocks per 40 mins. Not an outside shooter by any stretch of the imagination. Poor FT shooter at 53%.

Damian Saunders (Duquesne, F) - Fantastic defender. Averaging nearly 3 steals AND over 3 blocks a game per 40 minutes like he does is almost unheard of for a 6'7" small forward. He is not a "scorer" (more of a set shooter) and not a good FT shooter at 50%. Good rebounder for a small forward (who played PF in college) at 12.3/40 in his junior year. Shot 35% from 3-pt range in his senior year on 2.7 shots/40.

Mickey McConnell (Saint Mary's, PG) - Amazingly consistant and solid shooter. Takes about 5 3-pt shots a game and hits nearly 50% of them. Has an A/TO rate of 2.63 and scores a solid 17.7 points/40 on only 11 FGA. Plays for a small school. He sports a 4-year college career FG% of 48.9 and 3-pt% of 46.3. Averaged a 2.16 A/TO for his four years. Not a leaper or very fast he will have to carve his niche out as a role playing 3-pt shooting point guard that can also run a team fairly well. Not a good defender.

Matthew Bryan-Amaning (Washington, F/C) - A 2011 version of Justin Williams except with more offensive prowess and less defensive. Raw but has an excellent motor. Can run the floor. Solid rebounder on both ends of the court. 

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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