I'm out of Draino and my pipes are clogged with Fish.

Yes, a stupid pun titles this fanpost. Here's my problem. And it's a problem we all share as Kings fans. The acquisition of John Salmons is/was completely and inherently unnecessary, if not damaging to the current layout of this team and this franchise.

I'll fully dissect my points after the jump.

John Salmons.

John. Salmons.


Remember when we argued over the idea of Richard Jefferson? RJ would be the second coming (Hey Jimmer!) if we knew we could get him instead of John Effing Salmons. Yes, his middle name is Effing.


Here's the primary thing:

We traded Beno Udrih, age 29 in a few days, owed 14 million over the next two years (including a Player option for 12/13) and the number 7 pick for John Effing Salmons, age 31 (32 in Dec), owed 24 million over the next three years, and the number 10 pick. In essence, we traded a point guard coming off one of his better seasons for an older, lower-value, more-expensive player. And we traded down, to add insult to injury.

This trade was completely unnecessary. What I mean by that is the Kings would have been able to select the exact same picks without the trade, and they might have been able to trade Beno away for much closer to his market value (which has to be better than JOHN EFFING SALMONS).

Don't get me wrong. I'm pleased with the draft picks (would've liked Kemba at 7 though, but Jimmer is nice). I feel as though my happiness is being suppressed by this arbitrary trade. 

My problems with the Salmons acquisition: He's getting old, he's not conducive to a team environment, he dribbles relentlessly (for those of you who think Reke is bad), his defense doesn't warrant suffering through his offense, his outside shooting is 'meh', and lastly, we've already been through this. Salmons is a retread in every sense of the word. Not to mention his contract is immediately the worst on the team (including Ciscos).

Beno... Probably wasn't going to be in Sac next year anyway. That much I'll concede. But we couldn't have orchestrated a S&T with the Pistons involving Tashaun Prince? Thrown some things around to see if we could get Iggy? Caron Butler? Wilson Chandler? Luol Deng? Marvin Williams? Even Richard Jefferson? Derrick Williams, maybe? Literally ANYONE else? Hell, I think Mbah a Moute would have (definitely) been the better Buck to take back.

My fingers are still crossed that Salmons ends up elsewhere before the season starts (one or two of our SFs has to go, we took Honeycutt for a reason). I don't care for what, I just really, really don't want him on this team. 

John Effing Salmons. Give me an effing break.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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