kings off season

If the lock out end today the kings off season will begin. The kings have a grocery list they need to go shopping to feed they house. 1-5

1. What if we fire coach westphal? witch coach would you like ?- 2..If retain Paul westphal really might want to start thinking john salmons is not the small forward that will help him win games . 3. Will the bench be effective (Donte, Thompson, Jimmer or Thornton, Garcia. 4. Can he turn tyreke into point guard that franchise viewed him as nightmare for point guards? 5. Can Demarcus cousins be a top 5 center? 6. Can Hickson be a better fit than Gasol, Chandler, and Dalembert? 7. Can he fix his coaching staffs bring better coaches (Maloofs) .8.Who can be a leader for this team. 9. Can you make a winning team this year free agency? 10. Predictions (wins, stats, arena, franchise)

Item 1 -Dewayne Casey :( who was hired by raptors) to bad would been the best coach ever for our young Sacramento kings. Jerry Sloan: would make tyreke a point guard, Demarcus will reach his potential 20-10 with no problem; THIS will be the most talented roster than he ever had in the Deron Williams era in Utah. Patrick Ewing: He will be a great coach in the future, will make Demarcus into a 25-10 guy can bring a coaching staff with him.

Item 2- For real john salmons we could have got Stephen Jackson, Carlos Delfino, Corey Maggate in that trade or drafted Chris Singleton. I rater have Ron Artest or Shawn Marion. Say what you want to say they both bring more leadership than him and will have better stats with us.

Item 3- Can Donte do more than be an average defensive player. I think he is a better player at the 4 position. Post game is pretty good, he does not rebound that well but he is 6'11, faster than any power forward in the league but (Tyrus Thomas, Blake griffin, josh smith and serge ibaka. Jason Thompson will be our most effective bench player and our 6th man. Jimmer I believe will be pretty good more on him on the next item. Garcia, will he get any playing time with the guards and small forwards we got should he buy out his contract.

Item 4- Jimmer!!! Jimmer!!! Jimmer!!! Why do they compare you to such people, Adam Morrison and JJ Redick? Jimmer answer: because they crazy and I'm white. Me: hmm well I compare you to these players:

Derrick Fisher - L.A Lakers point guard : can shoot the 3 ball , you will be a better defender than most think if you can take a charge that will be great put you're body on the line . Better ball handle than derrick fisher plus you a winner come from a small school. With more upside .Jimmer: I don't think the king fans like that comparison. Me: well do they want you as the other players.

OTHER PLAYERS: DJ Agustin, Beno Udrih, Jameer Nelson, Chris Duhon (2008 New York knicks) Mike Conley with a better jump shot. Jimmer: I like the mike Conley and derrick fisher. Me: Those some pretty good careers so it looks like you want be a bust. Jimmer: ha, no way I will be a bust I will lead the league in 3pointers.

ITEM 5- Tyreke Evans, Mr. Evans, 6'5 point guard from out of Memphis 6'6 with shoes. Was a small forward in high school were he dominated uhhm. Now in the NBA he is a point guard or shooting guard. Blah Blah the men is a point guard. 20- 5- 5 HIS ROOKIE YEAR. Now everybody say he is a ball hogger bull he is not ,just the team just need him to score to be competitive, now that they have Marcus Thornton and Jimmer he can be a bigger Deron Williams . he will do anything to win he can pass like the best of them the coach was calling those isolation plays not Tyreke Evans . Better system tyreke can post better numbers than derrick rose and Russell Westbrook his 3 year if jump shot improve .23PPG, 8 APG , 6 RPG , 2.2 SPG 1.0BPG, thing he must improve- durability ( yoga..), jump shot ( follow through with his fingers ), post game ( hook shot , turn around jumper. vertical ( all he need is a 36 vertical I think he have a 34 . I'm in high school a 250 pound line backer improved my vertical he can do it to)

More to come, July 20 item 6-10 thanks for reading.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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