Sacramento Kings Schedule 2011-2012: Season Opens At Home Vs. Rockets On Nov. 2

The NBA released its 2011-2012 schedule today, and it's time to dig into the Sacramento Kings' slate. Of course, the schedule is tentative, given the ongoing NBA lockout; the beginning of the season could be shaved right off if resolution doesn't come in September or October.

The Kings are scheduled to start at home (!) against the Houston Rockets on Wednesday, November 2. The Kings will remain in Northern California for the first 10 days of the season, with home games against the Rockets, Hornets, Lakers and Cavaliers in addition to a visit to the Golden State Warriors. The Kings then go on the road for three against the Timberwolves (rivalry match!), Bulls and Grizzlies.

The Miami Heat are scheduled to visit January 6. That will almost assuredly draw the highest ticket prices in the Kings' new dynamic pricing system, as it did last year.

The full schedule is below the jump.

Opponent Time
 Wed 02  vs Houston    7:00pm
 Fri 04  @ Golden State    7:30pm
 Sat 05  vs New Orleans    7:00pm
 Mon 07  vs LA Lakers    7:00pm
 Wed 09  vs Cleveland    7:00pm
 Fri 11  @ Minnesota    5:00pm
 Sat 12  @ Chicago    5:00pm
 Mon 14  @ Memphis    5:00pm
 Wed 16  vs Washington    7:00pm
 Fri 18  @ Dallas    5:30pm
 Sat 19  @ San Antonio    5:30pm
 Mon 21  vs New York    7:00pm
 Wed 23  vs Utah    7:00pm
 Fri 25  @ LA Lakers    7:30pm
 Sun 27  vs Charlotte    3:00pm
 Wed 30  vs Minnesota    7:00pm
 Fri 02  vs Dallas    7:00pm
 Sat 03  @ Denver    6:00pm
 Mon 05  vs Golden State    7:00pm
 Wed 07  @ Minnesota    5:00pm
 Fri 09  @ Oklahoma City    5:00pm
 Sun 11  vs Toronto    6:00pm
 Mon 12  @ Portland    7:00pm
 Fri 16  @ Orlando    4:00pm
 Sat 17  @ Miami    4:30pm
 Mon 19  @ Charlotte    4:00pm
 Wed 21  @ LA Clippers    7:30pm
 Fri 23  vs Denver    7:00pm
 Mon 26  vs Philadelphia    7:00pm
 Wed 28  vs Chicago    7:00pm
 Fri 30  vs LA Lakers    7:00pm
 Wed 04  vs Milwaukee    7:00pm
 Fri 06  vs Miami    7:00pm
 Sun 08  vs Orlando    3:00pm
 Tue 10  @ Philadelphia    4:00pm
 Wed 11  @ Toronto    4:00pm
 Fri 13  @ Boston    4:30pm
 Sat 14  @ Washington    4:00pm
 Mon 16  @ New York    10:00am
 Wed 18  vs Indiana    7:00pm
 Fri 20  @ San Antonio    5:30pm
 Sat 21  @ Memphis    5:00pm
 Mon 23  vs LA Clippers    7:00pm
 Wed 25  vs Denver    7:00pm
 Mon 30  @ Utah    6:00pm
 Tue 31  @ Golden State    7:30pm
 Thu 02  vs Portland    7:00pm
 Sat 04  vs Golden State    7:00pm
 Thu 09  vs Oklahoma City    7:30pm
 Sat 11  vs Phoenix    7:00pm
 Mon 13  @ Milwaukee    5:00pm
 Wed 15  @ New Jersey    4:30pm
 Fri 17  @ Detroit    5:00pm
 Sun 19  @ Cleveland    3:00pm
 Tue 21  @ Indiana    4:00pm
 Wed 22  @ Atlanta    4:30pm
 Tue 28  vs LA Clippers    7:00pm
 Fri 02  @ LA Lakers    7:30pm
 Sun 04  @ Phoenix    5:00pm
 Mon 05  @ Denver    6:00pm
 Wed 07  vs New Orleans    7:00pm
 Fri 09  vs Atlanta    7:00pm
 Sun 11  vs Dallas    6:00pm
 Wed 14  vs Detroit    7:00pm
 Fri 16  vs Boston    7:00pm
 Sun 18  vs Minnesota    3:00pm
 Tue 20  vs Memphis    7:00pm
 Thu 22  vs Utah    7:00pm
 Sat 24  @ New Orleans    5:00pm
 Mon 26  @ Houston    5:00pm
 Wed 28  vs San Antonio    7:00pm
 Sat 31  vs New Jersey    7:00pm
 Sun 01  @ Portland    6:00pm
 Wed 04  vs Phoenix    7:00pm
 Sat 07  @ LA Clippers    7:30pm
 Sun 08  vs Houston    6:00pm
 Tue 10  @ Dallas    5:30pm
 Wed 11  @ New Orleans    5:00pm
 Fri 13  @ Oklahoma City    5:00pm
 Sun 15  vs Portland    3:00pm
 Mon 16  @ Phoenix    7:00pm
 Wed 18  vs San Antonio    7:30pm

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