Kings of season part .2

 I'm not comfortable with another thread of jokes about how someone can't spell. Comments closed. -- TZ

If the lock out end today the kings off season will begin. The kings have a grocery list they need to go shopping to feed they house. 6-10

1. What if we fire coach westphal? witch coach would you like ?-  2..If retain Paul westphal really might want to start thinking john salmons is not the small forward that will help him win games . 3. Will the bench be effective (Donte, Thompson, Jimmer or Thornton, Garcia. 4. Can he turn tyreke into point guard that franchise viewed him as nightmare for point guards?  5. Can Demarcus cousins be a top 5 center? 6. Can Hickson be a better fit than Gasol, Chandler, and Dalembert? 7. Can he fix his coaching staffs bring better coaches (Maloofs) .8.Who can be a leader for this team. 9. Can you make a winning team this year free agency? 10. Predictions (wins, stats, arena, franchise)

Item 6 - I'M not one of those persons that go by stats. I went to 5 kings' games and the special one here we stay. I watch every game last year, and what I see in Demarcus Cousins is potential. I'm talking about Shaq, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley and Tim Duncan numbers.  On offense the way centers looking in this league at this moment he can and will be the best in the next 10 years.  Shaquile was the last center in the league to really dominate on offense even though Dwight Howard did in the playoff still not that much evidence if he will ever become the next big men to dominate the NBA in every category, his ceiling is only 25 points pg knock your free throws down!! Plus he really is a power forward.  While Sacramento kings fans have a fundamentally sound big men that remind me of Tim Duncan. the only thing is his attitude, now I'm the same way I'm a varsity  senior captain for west campus warriors now I'm real talented and get anger problems  because I hate losing one of my coach compare me to him when I went to the Sacramento kings game as a team. Well I change by growing up and it's was time. I'm still the funny kid that goes around being a clown he can to.  Demarcus can focus on put backs, pick roll pop mid range jumpers not catch and shoot, post up I know I'm not the only one see the post moves he be doing, spin move, up and under fade away in the post lot like Zach Randolph and dirk. I hate the stupid thing he do I don't mind the cross over  and nice passes but shooting 3 pointer he cant be that mad at the refs can he . when I play basket ball they foul me all day when I play for a team I get to the free throw line kike 8-10times a game because I'm so big but at the same time I make my and 1's I worry about making the shot before they call a foul, instead of focusing on refs to call a foul. He needs to do that. His body at the end of the season is the way he need to come back I say 265-270 with more muscle.  Defense he won't be that dominate but he can get 2 blocks a game with better condition and be a great on ball defender in the post.  Comparison "BEST CASE AND WORST CASE", Best case: a bigger Tim Duncan and Shaquile O'Neal and Worst case: AL Jefferson and Zach Randolph. He could be great or very good don't expect him to fail.

 Item 7- okay I'm ready for all the bad comments for this one. JJ Hickson 6'9 242 power forward from NC State. I'm a big fan of players like him athletic, good weak side blocker, quick of his feet; dirty worker rebounds very well can hit the 15-17 foot jumper but is not a defender because he does not try  but he is undersize I tell you what he woke up at the end of the year doing everything he was asked to do but he remind me of Amare Stoudemire ,  more  athletic David West if he develop a mid range game and he will develop some post moves Sharef Abudur-Rahim is a good coach do you see what he doing with Thompson say what you want to say about him,  but exceed expectations  to the nba he was a project and he develop to a starter or great bench player , so Hickson haves more potential because he quicker of his feet , athletic and not goofy and actually care about starting . Can you imagine Demarcus throwing crisp passes and alley-oops to him, Tyreke and him running the fast break alley-oops because Tyreke is as good as Lebron and Wade throwing them up there to get it. Pick and roll with Tyreke or Jimmer you have to about Tyreke slashing, Jimmer pull up and a lob for him.  He is not expensive at least this year and won't demand as much as the others next year because he will be in a great free agency, unlike Nene and chandler who are overrated. Check the stats ever since the deadline he dominate many games. Nene wants to come to California but, he might sign with warriors because they proved more last year, owners want to win, and there secure to stay there. Plus better numbers last year than a lot of these player I feel like lots of fans want these guys for what they did in the playoffs were everybody step up .Do they play that hard in the regular season ? Hickson does, wonder what he will do in the playoff's .Best case: Amare Stoudemire, Kevin garnet. Worst case when he develop his jump shot more aggressive Chris bosh or Reggie Evans with more potential.

Item 8- one thing we found out our coaching staff sucks its not just westphal have to develop our players the one that's assign to the positions have to. Sharef is the only I give credit to because the big have improved.  Everybody else should be fired and westphal should be able to revamp his staff, but maybe he wants to. If he does want to fire some coaches the Maloofs want let him why because it cost money. Since we don't have coaches that are leaders who can lead this team I have some in mind.

Free agents:

Joel Przybilla: He been injured last year, but we should take a chance he can rebound well, hustle and play hard defense.

Michael Redd: another player that been injured but we have to take chances for players instead of wasting money on free agents that wont help us.

Arron Affalo: I don't know how he will fit in unless Thornton does not come back. But he is a leader, 3 point shooter will be the best since peja, good defender will be our best defender. Can play the 2, 3 and some 1, will have the best work ethic on our team and will be worth the money. I personally want him over Thornton but as long as we get one I don't care.

Team players:

Tyreke Evans: best player on our team. Teammate's respect his game believes it or not they knew they need him to create something for them to be competitive and they believe in him. The problem there was veterans on this team he just probably dint feel like he had gained the respect to lead them.

Francisco Garcia: There nothing to say but he haves no choice.

John Salmons: I don't think he is going to do it, because he is just not that player but maybe he notice if they got leader his team can be dangerous.

Item 9-Free Agency: now we can waste money and sign of these free agents that not going to help Is get in the play offs Nene, Jordan, Gasol because Hickson and Demarcus have more potential and better stats , and save up for 2012 free agency, But I have a few players that we should consider.

Free agents: Arron Affalo, Leon Powe, Juwan Howard (great leader), and Reggie Evans.

Unless we sign Affalo, nobody else would help us get to the playoffs Nene, Jordan and chandler want do no better than Dalembert.

ITEM 10- Sacramento kings: 36- 46 9 place in the west (the lock out ended on time) but I think we will only lose 10-15 games.

Pg: Tyreke Evans: 23ppg, 7apg. 6rpg, 2.8 tpg 2.1spg, .9bg, 48% percent, 31% from 3,

Pg: Jimmer: 11ppg, 3.8 apg, 1.8rpg, .9stpg .4 tpg, 65%percent, 38 %percent from 3 Sg:

Marcus Thornton: 19.5ppg, 3.8rpg, 2apg, 1.1 spg, 46% percent 34%percent from 3

Sg: Arron Affalo (if sign) 16ppg, 4.8rpg, 3apg, 1.8spg 44%percent 45%percent from 3

 Sg/Sf: john salmons: 11.5ppg, 3rpg, 3apg, 1spg, 1.9tpg41.2%percent, and 36%percent

From 3

Sg/sf: Francisco Garcia: 9ppg, 2rpg, 4apg, 1spg, 42%percent, and 37%percent from 3

Pf/sf /Sg: Donte Green: 5ppg, 2, rpg, 1.1apg, 3rpg, 40%percent, 31percent from3

Pf/C/SF "JUST A JOKE": Jason Thompson: 8ppg, 8 rpg, 1.2apg, 1.bpg, 51%percent, 2.5 fouls

PF/C: Joel Przybilla: 4ppg, 4rpg, .9apg, 1.bpg, 55%percent, 3.0 FOULS

JJ.Hickson: 15ppg, 8.8rpg, 1apg, 1bpg, 53%percent50%percent.2.7 fouls

C/Pf: Demarcus cousins: 18ppg, 11rpg, 4apg, 1.2bpg 45%percent, 3.7 fouls, 9 technical he matures .ejected 2 times

HERE WE STAY: The only way the kings leave it because of the citizens of Sacramento believe that we are letting police go and firing teachers , some of the police just harassed people all day and some of the teachers don't do a good  job believe me I had plenty of them . Think big Sacramento we will be one of the city's that will be revive in this recession. People are hard headed, what my dad tells me when I make a stupid decision and he right. Come on you guys what happen when the kings leave what is left to do but kill people on streets. I think if we don't have a season maybe the Maloofs sells the team or give us another year .Answer: we stay and build an arena.

Future of Franchise: We will be 2012 underdogs to win a champion ship. We will win one before the thunder, Miami, New York knicks and the haters (Lakers) 2013 NBA champions or 2014 NBA champions. If the kings leave I will bring us back in 2028when I retired from my 13year NFL career.

Thank you for reading my fan post, I will soon have my own website on sports during august.  More on Tyreke Evans potential and how his career can look like .Could he better than Lebron James? Was his rookie year lucky? Will he ever develop a jump shot and be a leader? Will he be a king for his whole career? How many champion ships would he win? How many all-star will Tyreke make? Fans and NBA experts believe he should not be a point guard so should he switch positions, the best player in the NBA because of skills have the answer?

Bonus: Tyler Honeycutt more of athletic Landry Fields could surprise the NBA in his rookie year as well Isaiah Thomas, smarter Nate Robison with more point guard skills .

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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