WARNING: This is a post about Grant Napear, so there's a lot of douche flying around, and I can't be held responsible if some of it gets stuck in your hair.

On Thursday, I went on Carmichael Dave's show on KHTK 1140 to talk Kings, arena and all of that. Dave's been a friend of the site forever, and it's always a blast to talk shop with him.

A few hours later, Grant Napear, who has not been a friend of the site, came on for the last 15 minutes of Dave's show, leading into Grant's own show at 3. Grant asked Dave who he'd had on the show, Dave mentioned, Grant did his whole "what a joke -- that guy's an idiot -- what the hell does he know about the Kings?" snark (so close to the Grant Napear Grand Slam; if only he'd said I need to do my research!), and the conversation moved on. 

I would have been fine if it'd ended there. You wouldn't be reading this FanPost, because it wouldn't exist. Douches gonna douche, you know?

But a bit further in crosstalk Grant brought it back around to blogs. He made a very obvious attempt to get back on the subject of Sactown Royalty. You can listen to it yourself -- this second rant is in the final 10 minutes of Dave's show. Grant gets back on the subject of the local blogs, and lays out his problem with StR and with me.

His problem: racial slurs and profanity galore.

No seriously.

Grant Napear thinks we're racists and is offended by the profanity that appears in the posts (most of which is bleeped) and comments. 

"On Ziller's site, it is disgusting."

Not just any brand of racist, us. But anti-Semitic. He says that the things people say about Omri Casspi's Jewish identity on Sactown Royalty is disgusting. He obviously did not read the 99-comment thread when Omri's mural was defaced.

Let me introduce y'all to section214, aka Rob. He is my co-editor, and with Aykis and I runs this site on a daily basis. Rob does the bulk of moderating on StR. The less well-behaved of you will know that very well. He's the one that leaps in first to clean up messes. He does this unpaid, for the good of the community, because he enjoys you all and having a place to talk Kings with intelligent, independent-minded folks.

Rob is Jewish. And he's not made a secret of that around here. I have personally banned of a half-dozen idiots for racial slurs in the last year. I'm sure Rob has quadrupled that. We don't allow it, plain and simple. Every few months Rob re-posts our "Threadiquette" guidelines. The very first guideline is "no personal attacks," and it specifically includes race-based slurs (along with those regarding sexual orientation, gender and religion). We have a zero-tolerance policy when alerted of racial, homophobic, gender-based or religion-based slurs. Zero-tolerance. 

(Mike Lamb voice ahead)

You want to call me an idiot? Fine. You want to tweet that I'm a d-bag? Fine. You want to call me a joke or question why people pay attention to what I say? Whatever. More power to you. I'm a big boy, my skin can take a few dull daggers. 

But when you flat-out lie on local radio and accuse me of allowing racial slurs on this site ... that's called slander. Which kind of brings us full circle, Grant, considering our first interaction came when you threatened to sic your lawyer on me for selling a t-shirt with your face (drawn by my beautiful and talented wife) on it with all proceeds going to charity. Yes, there was a joke at your expense on it. When you asked me to remove it from the StR store, I immediately compiled. Spencer Hawes got the last order in! We didn't let you spoil our good deed, though -- we raised $1,000 for the Sacramento SPCA. We fed a lot of dogs.

You're right: there is too much profanity on Sactown Royalty. I use profanity sometimes. So do the other editors. We've tried to persuade the community to tone it down, but we're not going PG-13. I think Don Geronimo said it best this week when he was responding to criticisms that KHTK's morning show had gone too blue: if you don't like it, change it. If you think StR has too much profanity and you are -- as Grant has insisted many times -- not a member of the StR community? Why the fuck (oops!) frick are you talking about it?

The great humor in Grant's bleating about how disgusting Sactown Royalty is with all of its profanity is that not two fucking (habit!) fricking hours later he provided an in-depth "rant" on why it's OK for him to call bad callers "retards" on the airI'm not joking. This actually happened. 81-minute mark.

Grant Napear finds it disgusting that your 10-year-old son might find his way into one of Sactown Royalty's more angst-filled threads and see a naughty word, but he's completely fine with it if your 10-year-old son hears Grant Napear call someone "a retard" on broadcast radio while riding home from school, because four-letter words are so damaging to society and using a developmental disability as a slur is totally fine.

Grant Napear, with all due respect, which is to say with no respect at all, you're an idiot.


The best part: Grant explains in the segment with Dave how he learned of Sactown Royalty's racist streak! Remember back when we thought we were losing the team to Anaheim? There was an immature Anaheim fan trolling the site. We banned him. I think Rob actually did the honor. This dude came up with an anonymous email and blasted emails to any number of Sacramento media members, including guys like Jason Jones, Whitey Gleason and Grant Napear. (The fool is not aware of the bcc: function.) Each was passed to me. One took issue with Biegler's infamous anti-Maloof FanPost. Another concerned an open letter to regional politicians. It was annoying, badly written bleating about why Anaheim was better than Sacramento, and why these media outlets should stop mentioning Sactown Royalty and having me on as a guest.

In the rant on Dave's show Thursday, Grant says he replied to this Orange County toolbag to say he doesn't really get into the blogs. The anonymous O.C. troll then gave Grant examples of ethnic slurs on Sactown Royalty. This is Grant's source of information on the biggest Kings web community in Sacramento: an anonymous Anaheim troll.

It says a lot.


I've gotten a few messages that question why Dave wasn't more vociferous in his defense of me on the show, but I have absolutely no issue with that. As I said, Dave and everyone else at KHTK -- every single person, from Whitey, Mark, Deuce, Phantom, Jason Ross, former producer Sean Cunningham ... everyone -- has been nothing but kind. Even F.P. Santangelo! Dave was in an impossible situation with Grant's rant, and no one should expect him to risk station harmony to defend me. I can defend myself, anyway.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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