This is not an advocacy to trade him (NaATTH)™

At some point, people need to step back from their emotions (and the ledge), and consider what is going on.

Assuming what Westphal has said about Cousins' trade demands are true (and I'm inclined to think that they are), fuck DeMarcus Cousins.

This is not an advocacy to trade him.

The argument that a man of Westphal's years has to act more mature because he's older is horseshit. Cousins is a full-grown man, is paid like one, and at some point, people will stop using the excuse that "he's just a kid."

He isn't. This is not an advocacy to trade him.

I thought Westphal's press release was worded in kind of a silly fashion, and was too specific (inclined as I am to privacy), but if Cousins is going to have bitch-ass tantrums, then let the fans see who he really is. Our beloved man-child allegedly stated on more than one occasion that he doesn't want to be your man-child anymore. You don't bother taking that personally, the fact that he asked to be sent anywhere to work that isn't Sacramento?

Do I think he really meant it? At the time he said it? Yes. Do I think he woke up this morning wanting to be traded? Not really.

But he fucking said it. This is not an advocacy to trade him.

Words mean things, and the argument of "being young" or "passionate" is complete crap. He's had over a year to adjust to the idea of being paid good money to play basketball (two years if you count the University of Kentucky), and that's enough. If any of the vociferous Cousins defenders truly believe he's going to settle down by 25, 28, 35 or 50, I have a bridge to sell you. People don't often change. They are who they are, and though we think we are capable of change most of us don't have the strength to pull it off. I'm not exactly Tony Robbins, here.

The point is, everyone looks at Ron Artest and his well-documented kerfuffles, and most of us can easily acknowledge that Metta has psychological issues (depression, bi-polar disorder, something), and he has addressed these issues with professionals, appears to be dealing with them fairly well, and has even been big enough to discuss them in public. Brave stuff in the world of hyper-masculinity.

So, is DeMarcus Cousins in need of the help of mental health professionals? Many of us are. I'm not qualified to say.

But what if DMC isn't just "young" or "immature" or "passionate?" What if he's angry in a DSM IV type of way? Then he should get some help. The Kings' organization should insist that he see psychological professionals, to find out whether talk therapy or medicines can help him with his problem.

Would he consent to such analysis? I'd bet a year of his salary that he wouldn't. This is not an advocacy to trade him.

What if DeMarcus Cousins is just simply a spoiled jerk? He wouldn't be the first. Like so many others, he's had everything put in front of him since grade school because he was tall and skilled. The Kings hired his high school coach, because he needs a babysitter. Does anyone really think the man has anything useful to add to the Kings as an organization? That he's been overlooked by far better high school programs, colleges, and the NBA until now? The man is a security blanket for a child. Anyone think Francisco Garcia ever needed this type of special consideration?

So, maybe he's a jerk. Maybe he needs help with his emotions. I don't really care, as long as he can acknowledge his own shortcomings, and attempt to deal with them. I like DeMarcus Cousins, I think he's an interesting person, very talented, and a complete pussycat when things are going his way. That isn't the definition of character.

Westphal handled this in a less than ideal fashion. I don't know if he's the guy to lead the Kings back to great success. If he isn't, I couldn't begin to guess who might be.

Any mistakes Westphal has made or will make do not include calling out DeMarcus Cousins for acting like a bitch. People like that are not good to have in an organization, especially when they are being counted upon to become leaders. This is not an advocacy to trade him.

I wouldn't trade DeMarcus Cousins. If I was Geoff Petrie, and anyone called to inquire about Cousins, I'd tell them to pound sand. I'd sit him for an entire season before I'd trade him for less than value. Cousins is a big boy, and he's going to have to go along to get along. When you're high profile, you don't get to blow off steam this way. It's part of the cost for an otherwise spectacular lifestyle.

You're staying here, DeMarcus. You're going to play team ball on and off the court, or you're going to wear a nice suit and sit in a folding chair. You're going to have disagreements with Paul Westphal, Keith Smart, or whomever is head coach of this team, because that's how you are. You're going to learn how the world works, or you won't. You can be great, or you can be Mike Olowokandi. I hope you can look within yourself and make the right decisions for yourself, and the team. You have a lot to offer on and off the court. It's going to be the most difficult thing you ever do in your entire life.

This is not an advocacy to trade him.


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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