The Poor Coaching of the Sacramento Kings

Greetings, Kings Fans.

Through watching this game, I've become incredibly more frustrated than before - most likely because I've realized that if we haven't hit rock bottom already, it's not too long until we do. And for me, the onus of that is on the coaching style. Let me argue several points here, as concisely as I can, and try to not have too many inaccurate premises for my first Fanpost. After all, wouldn't want to piss off all the Peaches of the world, would I?

First, I won't lie. I thought it was a huge mistake for the reactionary removal of Adelman as head coach. Thought so then, think so now. Whenever I see him coaching, or any other coaches, I see them up and moving, drawing plays during timeouts, scolding, and being proactive. You never see that from Westphal.

And that is one of the primary faults of him as a coach. He is far too passive aggressive to do anything beside coach middle school. His players hated him at Pepperdine. He got into arguments with Payton and co. at Seattle. And we hired him, with management knowing full well about his history, I'm sure. After all, you're not much of an FO if you don't vet your coaches.

And we got a draft pick that was known to be a hothead, without any system to guide him in place. That doesn't sound like a recipe for success.

Now, I don't know what goes on in the locker room, but after every half of a game, the other team comes out swinging, and we get hammered. This is not primarily about DMC by any means. But the entire attitude of the team just seems to walk into the doldrums throughout the game.

There are those like Peaches that will put the onus of the team troubles and attitude on DMC, defining him as a "cancer". But I think the cancer has to have an origin point, and I believe the cancer of the team is Westphal. With a team like this, you should be able to manage a 0.500 record, instead of hoping for whatever talent you might have in the next draft.

I think Marty Mac's blog said it all about Westphal to Cousins:

I don't have time to discuss this with you right now.

Which I think truly says it all. If you can't share with your team, then they'll run around like headless chickens and et slaughtered every single night.

Let's face facts, the Kings should not be losing against teams like the Knicks, the Grizzlies sans Randolph, because of one player plus the player du jour who happens to torch the team that night.

But I think one tidbit says it all - I think Cousins (and whatever other Kings players) have every right to look disinterested, and disheartened out there.

If your coach tells you to play a "reactionary" game, and "react" to the other team, you know how you're going to react when they change something up here or there and start wrecking you? You're going to get disheartened. Just like how the players look.



Protip: You have a system, set plays, things that you can believe in and focus on, you give them that to focus on and the winning takes care of itself.

Hope this can provide some food for thought, although I'm sure a lot of it is nothing we haven't thought of before, I felt the need to put this down into words. I think we've given this coach enough time to tinker with lineups, try and figure things out over the last couple years. And I've about had it.

People like Peaches can defend Westphal until their dying day, and think the Kings organization does no wrong, but we need owners, and a FO, as willing to do what it takes and as wanting for a winning product as they were 10 years ago. Hell, I'd even take 5 or 6 years ago.

But hopefully we will see something in our lifetime somewhat reminiscent of the years where we were incredibly proud of our coach, team, and their incredibly unselfish style of play, before the Magoofs decided to become cheapskates and drag our team into the dirt.

See you guys on the blog, and hope this fanpost can bring some sort of relevant discussion to the table.

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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