Does anyone outside of Sac have any respect for the Kings.... Yes!!

What's up STR family! I'm a longtime reader but first time poster. I've commented on a lot of posts but never thought that I would create one. This is certainly not going to be as impressive or exquisite as a lot of the posts on here are but hopefully it will at least be worth your time and attention. Besides, we may only have 1 more year of this so I better contribute while I still can.

I'll start off with the obvious... I'm a Kings fan! I'm sure that proclamation means the same to you as it does to me. It means I'm loyal, I'm proud, I'm resilient, I'm pissed, I'm confused, I'm depressed, I'm forgiving, I'm allergic to purple and gold, and it might mean that I'm stupid. Not stupid because I'm a Kings fan, but stupid because once again... I'm excited. I'm excited that my immature, possibly leaving me, consistently cellar dwelling team might actually be kind of alright this year. I'm excited that they might finish better than 14th or 15th in their conference this season. I'm excited that it looks like the yoyo has actually reached the bottom and it has finally started to return to my hand. I'm excited that they could possibly come close to .500 or better yet, dare I say... a playoff spot. Damn, I really am stupid.

In all honesty, do I really think they could possibly make the playoffs this year... No. I'm a Kings fan but I try to be realistic. I know how tough the Western Conference is and I know that not only would the Kings need to outperform teams that made the playoffs last year, but also teams like Golden State, Minnesota, and Houston who look like they're closer to being playoff teams than our Kings are.

So while I can look at this team and honestly say that I don't believe they'll be in the playoffs this year, I can also look at them and say that they are headed in the right direction and should be improved... Should be around 10th or 11th in the Western Conference at season's end... Should have players mentioned for individual awards and merits this season (Marcus Thornton: 6th Man? Thomas Robinson: Rookie of the Year? DeMarcus Cousins: All-Star?).

Yes, this should be a fun and exciting year for us Kings fans. Setting relocation aside, we should have plenty to cheer for. There will be games that the Kings play with that flare and confidence that make us think why can't they do this every night. And there will be games that the Kings look lackadaisical and horrible that make us think I hope they don't do this tomorrow night. They'll at least be good enough and entertaining enough that we'll always be able to look forward to the next game.

So is there anyone out there besides us Kings fans that feel the same way that I do? While we will always have allies in people like Scott Howard Cooper and Chris Webber it doesn't seem like there is much faith in our Kings. Just look what this opposing team's scout says about the Kings in Sports Illustrated's NBA Preview.

Of course Sports Illustrated picked the Kings to finish dead last in the Western Conference again this year. I actually get the feeling that a lot of magazines and writers don't actually "waste their time" on scouting the Kings and doing their due diligence (I absolutely hate this term... I can't separate it from the Maloofs after hearing them use it so many times)on them.

But believe it or not, there is actually some love floating around out there for the Kings. I haven't seen much of it but it just makes it that much more special when I actually do. I watched the Kings Team Preview on NBATV the other day and we got love from more than one source. Of course one of them was our boy C-Webb who admitted that the Kings would not make the playoffs this year but the important thing would be that the Kings establish an identity before season's end. He mentioned the Kings being a "rebound and run" team. He also did give very high praise for DeMarcus Cousins. He said that in 4 years DeMarcus would be the best big man in the league. I can live with that. On that same show we also got a little love from Dennis Scott (who by the way mentioned that while the temperature was going down, he still had Jimmer Fever) who said that the best case scenario for the Kings could actually be them making the playoffs. I have to admit, I actually felt a little tingle in my boxer briefs after hearing that. It feels so good to get a little love.

But the love doesn't end there. I was reading on NBA.COM today and saw an article written by David Aldridge. He gave all of his personal predictions (he did start the article off by admitting that it's impossible and foolish to try to predict what's going to happen in an NBA season before it starts) for who would make the playoffs and who would win each conference. He also made a few other predictions including "The Darkhorse." That's where our love comes in. He actually picked the Kings as his darkhorse in the Western Conference.

Don't believe me... See for yourself.

So while there may not be a lot of it out there, it is there if you just look hard enough. And us Kings fans can use all the love we can get these days. Some call it being stupid... I call it simply being a Kings fan... Whatever you want to call it, I'm excited!

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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