The Kings, Sactown Royalty, and other Life Issues

Hello, STR readers. I am a die-hard Kings fan that has read this site religiously over the past year and was ecstatic to find out there is a site with many other devoted Kings fans. I decided to finally join yesterday and just wanted to give my opinion on the various issues we Kings fans discuss and live through.

The Arena

Figured I would get this out of the way: FTM. The best three letter phrase I have learned on this site. I would give and do anything to make sure the Kings are forever located in the Sacramento area; they are my life, and three fools stand between us and our dream.

Tyreke Evans

Like everyone else, I was in love with the kid in his rookie season. There was so much hope, finally having a player worthy of the term "Franchise Player." With a cornerstone piece averaging 20-5-5 as a rookie and the drafting of the forever-scrutinized DeMarcus Cousins (although with tremendous upside), the future was bright enough to need sunglasses. Unfortunately, Tryeke's production dipped slightly each season, going from 20-5-5 to 18-4-5 to 16-4.5-4.5. From a neutral perspective: neither of those years produced terrible numbers. While perhaps not all-star caliber, Tyreke certainly produced solid numbers. On paper, Tyreke seems like a great second option with his driving abilities and a fantastic third option with his ability to score and find other teammates occasionally as the lanes get packed.

Unfortunately, however, Tyreke is not what he is on paper. Tyreke can be a great second option with the ball in his hand (and if he could shoot, a clear-cut first option, but we all know how that is going), but those are the key words: he needs the ball in his hand. He looks lost without it, and although every now and then he shows a great ability to cut and screen, those flashes are just that. On the defensive end, he puts tremendous effort in (particularly this season) on every play. He is doing a stellar job, but since he is only effective on the offensive end when he has the ball in his hand, that presents the problem. He doesn't screen and doesn't cut, and generally only looks for teammates in mid-air when he sees the lane full of all 5 defenders.

All-in-All: I see Tyreke as a perfect SG example of Andre Iguodala. At first, it seemed as if they would both be franchise players for their respected team (more like 3 years in for Iguodala, but close enough). As it turns out, however, neither could shoot consistently but both brough about 17-5-5 to the table and play great defense (Iguodoala's career average is 15-5-6 while Tyreke's is 18-5-5). Iguodala eventually earned $80/6 years, or about $13 mil a year. Is that what Tyreke is worth? Curry garnered $11 mil a year and Lawson got $12 mil. As long as Tyreke is here, there will be that constant expectation for him to be a superstar due to his great rookie season and continual bursts of seemingly unstoppable and mind-boggling moves to the basket. Do we really want to pay that much for a shooting guard that can't shoot and isn't involved in the offense unless given the ball? Unless we change our team, which would mean getting a small forward that can shoot well (i.e. Batum) and a point guard that can run the floor very well and can pass well (as much as I love IT and Brooks, we need a shooting PG that can truly lead this team), then we will need to live with team that will be nothing more than a 8th - 6th seed in the west if we do pay him or we will need to trade him. I just don't believe the Kings can be an elite team with Tyreke on offense, as he requires too much of the ball for his current level of play (attack the basket lined with defenders and either throw up a wild layup or quickly find someone else; otherwise, stand around, and let's not forget that he just can't shoot despite his effort put in). I sure hope he proves me wrong.

This Season

The Kings should be 3-3 right now as they were in all of the first three road games, yet we stand at 2-4. While a loss at the [redacted] would not be terribly surprising if their team actually plays like they could (pray that they continue their lottery-bound ways), that would be a quick 2-5. I fully believe that, with the defensive tenacity the team has been bringing, we could definitely end up with a .500 record. We have been in all of these games, and the offense will click on some nights or for partial nights, which is sometimes all we need (see games against Detroit and GSW). Our bench is explosive on offense with Thornton, Brooks, Chuck Hayes' passing ability, and the occasional Jimmer sighting. They help us stay in games and take leads while our offense reverts to iso plays in the fourth, but that combination can help us get to .500 if everything goes to plan. Now, I always believe the Kings will win every game until they don't, but for the sake of reality, I will say .500 is a feasible goal for this season.

Wrapping Up

I didn't mean to spend so much time on Tyreke, but as a guy who is known as the sports expert amongst my people, I live and breath sports. In other words, I am not at a loss for words when it comes to manly interests like the Sacramento Kings. I love this site and the people on here and am grateful that there are many other Kings fans out there. I could spend more time discussing the likes of the rotation, the arena, and other Kings related subjects, but I think this will suffice for now. I hope to join in more on STR in the future, and I hope this isn't too long for anybody. #HereWeStay #FTM #KingsAllDay #SactownRoaltyIsTheBestThingSince2001-2002

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)

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